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The Original Shrine, dressed in the colors of WYD 2023

WYD23/Original Shrine, Maria Fischer •

Impressions of a “youthful” week around the Original Shrine dressed in the colors of WYD23: youth with flags and pictures of the Pilgrim MTA, many Masses in the Original Shrine, a celebration for everyone with the renewal of the Covenant of Love, encounters, songs, prayers…. —

There was even an encounter between two of the youngest collaborators of – Father Rafael Mota from Brazil and Roberto González from Paraguay met in front of the Original Shrine.

The first to arrive, at least the first to celebrate Mass in the Original Shrine on the eve of World Youth Day, were the Mexicans. Then followed the larger groups from Paraguay, Chile, and Brazil; there were also youth from Argentina, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and the United States, a total of 450 pilgrims.

Dos "jovenes" del equipo de

Dos “jovenes” del equipo de Roberto González, P. Rafael Mota

All around the Original Shrine

Santuario Original

Original Shrine | Photo: Pedro M. Dillinger

On July 25th, Feast of St. James, all gather for a Mass in the Pilgrims’ Church, and the renewal of the Covenant of Love in the Original Shrine.

Afterwards, the dances, songs, meetings… are not to be missed…

And now… from the Original Shrine to the World Youth Day. Have a good trip to Lisbon, to the Portuguese shrines that await you, to Fatima, and to the meeting with Pope Francis.

Santuario Original

Original Shrine | Photo: Pedro M. Dillinger

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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