Covenant of Love in the Schoenstatt Shrine in Kuttur, India

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Covenant of Love in the Shrine in Kuttur

INDIA, Fr. Alwin Joseph •

Twenty-three students (eight from the Schoenstatt Language Academy, and others from Kuttur, Kerala) sealed their Covenant of Love with the Mother Thrice Admirable (MTA) of Schoenstatt. Three students among them renewed their Covenant of Love. —

There were two groups preparing to seal their Covenant of Love. The group from Kuttur has been preparing for a year. Every month, mostly on the second Saturday, we met in the Shrine. Adoration, mentoring, special activities were there.

Activities of reaching out

As a group preparing for the Covenant, the group visited some places together. The group visited the grave of Ajana George (known as Nightingale of Eucharist), a bedridden youth in Kottekad, another dialysis patient in the same area. These activities were planned to develop empathy among the students. The group is actively involved in Carol Competition, SALTT (Schoenstatt Academy for Life Transmission & Transformation) Summer Camps and Kaliveedu (two-month program for children in summer holidays, arranged by Saltt Life School in Sion Center).

As the moderator of the group, I visited the family of the youth group. Students from the Schoenstatt Language Academy (SLA) had six months of training. They met once a month. At the end of the preparation for the Covernant of Love, we had joint meetings.


Activities in preparation for the Covenant of Love

Preparation of youth

The main topics delt were self-awareness workshops, attachment pedagogy, self-esteem issues, faith related issues.

Students were also motivated to find their personal ideal. Though few could not find it, all were convinced of a personal mission from God. Personal counseling was given.

Covenant Liturgy

We followed the Covenant of Love paraliturgy that is available in the Schoenstatt Cloud. Candles, rosaries, prayer cards, personal covenant prayer, etc. were provided. During the Holy Eucharist, after the homily, the Covenant of Love was sealed or renewed.

After a group photo, lanterns were released into the sky. The program ended with Agape. All expressed the need for continuous formation and guidance to grow in the Covenant of Love.

Covenant of Love in the Shrine in Kuttur, India

Covenant of Love in the Shrine in Kuttur, India

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  1. Linda Clark says:

    Thank you for a beautiful message. Your Schoenstatt family is full of God’s love and our Lady’s guidance shines abundantly.

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