Start of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign in Hulimaavu, Bengaluru

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A Door Opened for the Pilgrim MTA in Bengaluru

INDIA, Father Jerin Choondal •

Trusting in Divine Providence and the continuous blessings of Our Mother Thrice Admirable, the Lord opened a new door for the Pilgrim Mother Movement in Bengaluru. —

A group of mothers who belong to the Santhom Church, Hulimaavu, Bengaluru, received Our Mother and began their missionary journey of blessing with Our Mother. This parish is a Forane Church. It is known as the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Mandya and the Regional Office of the Bishop of Mandya.

God’s providence is such that He chose the best place to inaugurate the Rosary Campaign. It is a few days before the birthday of John Pozzobon (December 12), the initiator of this stream of life and graces.

You know the way for me, you know the time,
in your hands I trustfully place mine,
your love is perfect, born of perfect love,
you know the way for me, that’s enough. Amen.

Kathy Kanewski, Confidence (“Heavenwards, Always). The English text is an adaption of the German “Weiß ich den Weg auch nicht”, by Hedwig von Redern (1866 – 1935).

Hulimaavu, Bengaluru

Start of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign in Hulimaavu, Bengaluru

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