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Start of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign in Hulimaavu, Bengaluru
INDIA, Father Jerin Choondal • Trusting in Divine Providence and the continuous blessings of Our Mother Thrice Admirable, the Lord opened a new door for the Pilgrim Mother Movement in Bengaluru. — A group of mothers who belong to the Santhom Church, Hulimaavu, Bengaluru, received Our Mother and began their missionary journey of blessing with Our Mother. This parish is a Forane Church. It is known as the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Mandya and the Regional Office of the Bishop of Mandya. God’s providence is such that HeRead More
SCHOENSTATT ROSARY CAMPAIGN Ana C. de Echevarría • Outside of Rome, in the Casolotti area, we find the Matri Ecclesiae Shrine, with the Schoenstatt mission of helping fulfill Fr. Kentenich’s dream of contributing to forging a Church that is near, and will be the culture and the world’s soul, reaching out to people. Therefore it was not by chance that one of the Schoenstatt International Center’s three meeting halls in Belmonte was dedicated to Joao Luiz Pozzobon. A large painting, in the universal language of art telling the story ofRead More
GERMANY, Maria Fischer with material from the Press Office of the Diocese of Wuerzburg • In the worldwide Schoenstatt Family, when people talk about “deacons”, many think of the young men who are on the way to the priesthood as Schoenstatt Fathers or diocesan priest and who are working in parishes. Some think of a married permanent deacon: Joao Luiz Pozzobon from Santa Maria, Brazil, the initiator of the Pilgrim Mother Movement. This is the missionary face of Schoenstatt, the lay apostolic movement that started so many years ago aroundRead More
Maria Fischer, interview of Fr. Egon M. Zillekens • “What is my Blessed Mother doing in your house?” This was a Schoenstatter’s surprised and at the same time happy, although also a little indignant, exclamation on his first visit to his girlfriend’s parents’ home, who were not Schoenstatters. This also called to mind, seeing Fr. Egon Zilleken’s face during his pleasant exchange with Liz and Juan Álvarez from Buenos Aires, who were recently appointed as Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign National Advisers of Argentina, during their visit to Schoenstatt in mid-September, asRead More
ROME  BELMONTE, Maria Fischer • 22 January 2017. The 2017 Family Misiones is starting in Ranchos, in the province of Buenos Aires, supported by prayer and accompanied by Schoenstatters on various continents. Seventy-five young people from a number of countries in South America and Austria have met in Villa Cura Brochero at the end of their pilgrimage on foot to the grave of the first Argentinian saint, and handed over to him the prayer intentions of people from even more countries. In Rome and around the world the Pallottine FathersRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer and Renate Siebenkäs • Mary, I want to learn from you, what it means that God’s thoughts are not mine, and that his ways are not mine, that his will, which is often inconceivable, ultimately is good for me. I want to learn from you, that there is no life without sacrifice and this does not make me bitter rather it makes me more mature, and the purpose and blessing lies in this.   Extracted from the book in German: The Woman who Takes Me toRead More
ARGENTINA/BELMONTE, by Mercedes MacDonough and María Fischer • On Pentecost Sunday, 15 May 2016, the “Belmonte Meeting,” near Buenos Aires was unplanned, but it was very fruitful. The plan was to discuss the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, but when meeting on Pentecost…one should be prepared for any surprise! After a conversation about the historic experiences during the blessing of the Shrine of All of Us in Rome in 2004, such as when the accident with the MTA picture for the shrine occurred or when hundreds of Pilgrim Mothers were raised, andRead More
ROME, BELMONTE, by Maria Fischer • It was in the evening of 7 September, during the conference of the General Council of the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests in Belmonte, that a decision was taken not to wait any longer for someone to suggest a name for the third and hence last “unnamed” seminar room in the Father Kentenich House. The other two had already been named after Fr Franz Reinisch and Gertraud von Bullion on the initiative of the Friends of Fr Reinisch and the Schoenstatt Women’s Federation. TheRead More
ORIGINAL SHRINE/GERMANY from Maria Fischer • “Schoenstatt, Vallendar on the Rhine, which celebrated its centenary last year, is the centre of a worldwide spiritual movement. Its focal point is a little chapel in the valley where Mary is honoured as “Thrice Admirable Mother”. The picture of grace, which arrived in Schoenstatt from Freiburg a hundred years ago, is well known worldwide, as the members of the cathedral choir experienced last year when they visited South America”. These were the words of the invitation addressed to the members of the FreiburgRead More
ROME, Belmonte, from Maria Fischer • 8 September 2015, eleventh anniversary of the dedication of the shrine of all of us in Rome. The Italian Schoenstatt Family had already celebrated the anniversary on Sunday – “for the last time on a building site”, as Davide Russo put it. At any rate, the talks and Holy Mass no longer took place in a rented tent as in the past; the entrance hall to the Domus Pater Kentenich has been used for that since the Jubilee pilgrimage in October 2014. So manyRead More