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“Mountain Festival of confidence” on May 1

GERMANY, Renate Siebenkäs •

On the feast of the “Patrona Bavariae”, the patron saint of Bavaria, the Blessed Mother received a large number of guests in the Shrine of Unity on the Marienberg (Mount Mary) in Schesslitz/Bamberg. During the Mass, the faithful were shown how contagious trust can be. I just have to open myself to it. The sermon highlighted one aspect of how confidence can be gained and transmitted – with very simple means: with a kind look. —

Diocesan President Fr. Martin Emge greeted the approximately 500 faithful, including two other Schoenstatt priests, with a joyful and warm smile. Father Andreas Hornung and Monsignor Josef Treutlein concelebrated the Eucharist. And what would a Mass be without music? Right, only half as beautiful! That’s why the Wattendorfer Band provided the musical accompaniment.

Martin Emge took the faithful on an exciting journey into the past when he explained the origins of the feast of Patrona Bavaria, which goes back to Kurfürst Maximilian. Mary was supposed to help end the hardships of the 30 Years War. Today there are other wars that have lasted far too long. And there are more and more! So many needs and worries, with no end in sight: “We all need Our Lady’s protection today more than ever. Let us pray together with Mary that she will lead the Church into a glorious future with her confidence and trust in God!

MB Prozession Schritte ins Neuland wagen F Jorge Ñancupil

Procession: Taking Steps into New Territory Photo: Jorge Ñancupil

Merciful looks and their striking effect

The celebrant, Msgr. Treutlein, gave a concrete example of what looks can do. A hospital chaplain was called to a dying person who was in a particularly difficult situation. But the dying man refused to speak at all. This made the chaplain very pensive. The nurse went into the room full of enthusiasm. After a few minutes, she came out and asked the priest if he could administer the sacraments. And he did so with great joy! At the end, he asked the man excitedly: “What did she tell you?” “She didn’t say anything,” he replied. “She just looked at me!”

This example clearly shows what eyes can do when they are compassionate. Compassionate looks are a powerful weapon! They can do more than words or arguments. They change people because compassionate eyes allow God’s gaze to shine through and unleash incredible power!

When a person feels that God’s merciful eyes are resting on him, he realizes who he really is: a beloved child of God! And that was Mary’s attitude towards life! And she sings it to the world: “The great God has looked upon the little maid!” “He has done great things for me!” What joy, what a sense of value in the heart of this woman!

Mary makes us experience God who looks at us positively and loves us indescribably!

In our Schoenstatt picture of grace, the Blessed Mother looks at us with a loving gaze. She has an eye and a heart for the needs of others – during her lifetime, for example, for Elizabeth and for the couple at Cana.

So, we can imagine Mary as an attentive, outgoing, practical woman – a woman who shows us how to live life to the fullest! An accommodating woman with an open heart! Her closeness, her gaze – simply wonderful!

Pilger vor dem Heiligtum

Pilgrims in front of the Shrine | Photo: Siebenkäs

An idea

The homilist shared other practical experiences that were very impressive. Father Treutlein explained:

“Let us look at Father Joseph Kentenich’s behavior in the concentration camp of Dachau:

He preferred to give food to the other prisoners because they were hungrier than he was – a truly generous gesture! And Joseph Treutlein explained: “What gave Father the strength to be so self-sacrificing and selfless in the concentration camp? Father Kentenich always pointed out what gave him the strength to do what he did: his attachment to the Blessed Mother, his covenant of love with her.”

At the end of the homily, Msgr. Josef Treutlein expressed a great idea: “What if I took a few minutes more often to look at the Blessed Mother and tell her everything without many words? Bring to her everything that is troubling me, how I feel at the moment – and she will help me! That would be great! Then I could gradually learn what she wants to tell me in this or that situation. On the other hand, I could think about it: Where can I help, serve, protect, support, benefit?

Who knows, maybe my good deed, my good word will be the first spark that will help someone to trust in God again!”

Heilige Messe

Schoenstatt priests in front of the Shrine | Photo: Siebenkäs

We received a lot of great feedback!

Katharina: “There were so many people who venerated the Blessed Mother. We were an incredibly large community of faith! It was a great experience! This day is an incredible ray of hope! It gives me confidence that the Church can move forward! I don’t expect any big miracles, but I would like to see some small miracles!

Diocesan President Martin Emge did a little poll during the welcome: “Who is here today for the first time? Who has traveled more than 50 km?”

Ulla at the end of the mountain festival: “It was my first time at this mountain festival, and it was just unbelievable! This day is just overwhelming! The mood, the atmosphere – just heavenly! The day was just fantastic! I was able to give so much to the Blessed Mother! I’m going home full of gratitude! I’ll be back next year to be very close to Mary and to let her confidence give me a new direction. I can hardly wait!”

A group of professional women came from Würzburg (over 50 km) to also experience the confidence of the Blessed Mother.

When they left, they were very impressed by this blessed mountain festival in honor of the MTA.

They secretly compared their Wuerzburg Shrine with the Shrine of Unity and found many details that were so beautiful, harmonious, and organic.

Like the Father Eye, which was designed especially for the Marienberg. Or the windows that depict the life and goals of Father Joseph Kentnich.

It’s good to look at the Shrine with the grateful eyes of Würzburg.


The entrance | Photo: Siebenkäs

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