Jornada sobre el santuario corazon en El Salvador

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Let’s open our hearts to Mary!

El Salvador, Florencia Couto •

In a fast-paced and often superficial world, Father Raimundo Costa, Movement advisor for El Salvador, kindly invites us to rediscover the depth of the Heart Shrine, a vital teaching proposed by Father Kentenich. —

The Schoenstatt Shrine came about because of a real need, and it shows up in all kinds of different ways. The Original Shrine, which is in Germany, is the place where the movement started with Mary’s Covenant of Love. Around that, about 200 Daughter Shrines have been set up all over the world, and they’re all about sharing the same kind of grace that the Original Shrine has: the grace of sheltering, transformation, and apostolic mission. Home shrines are a wonderful way to hold sacred space in everyday family life. The heart shrine is a beautiful way to invite each individual to become a living temple of God, bringing divine grace wherever they go.

Rama de Profesionales

A Living Shrine

Fr. Kentenich taught that our heart is, in essence, a living shrine, a dwelling place of the Virgin Mary and a temple of the Holy Trinity. This transforming vision not only calls us to recognize God within us, but also to live in constant union with Him.

Fr. Raimundo Costa shared this message with a group of young professionals and members of the women’s apostolic league of El Salvador. He said that, in our busy day-to-day lives, it’s important to find a moment for God within ourselves to stay connected with Him. He reminded us that we are the ones who carry this inner sanctuary within us, and that discovering it means taking off our masks and facing our deepest longings.

Fr. Costa believes that if we take the time to reflect on our lives and create a special space in our hearts and minds, we can transform our daily lives into a continuous prayer and action. He says that the Shrine offers us three amazing gifts: deep rootedness, inner transformation, and apostolic fruitfulness.

De izquierda a derecha: Florencia Couto, Alicia Aragón y Silvia Nasser.

From left to right, we have Florencia Couto, Alicia Aragón, and Silvia Nasser

Let’s rediscover God within us!

The Heart Shrine is a wonderful place to visit and it invites us to live as children, conscious of our relationship with God the Father. We share responsibilities and build a world worthy of Him. Fr. Kentenich says that rediscovering God within us can revolutionize our spiritual, mental and physical health, transforming every aspect of our lives.

Fr. Raimundo made a heartfelt plea, encouraging us to take tangible steps to deepen our bond with the Blessed Mother and dedicate ourselves as Living Shrines. This entails inviting Mary to take up residence in our hearts, allowing her to act and radiate the graces of the shrine in all areas.

This is how the Heart Shrine becomes not only a spiritual refuge but also a center of renewal. It allows each of us to radiate God’s love in a world that cries out for authenticity and compassion.

Silvia y Billy Nasser (coordinadores en El Salvador) con el Padre Raimundo costa y los jefes de Rama (Orlando Carranza de hombres y Claudia y Fernando Gutiérrez de Rama Familia) y Mauricio Salazar de Madrugadores)

We’d like to give a big thank you to Silvia and Billy Nasser (our wonderful coordinators in El Salvador), Father Raimundo Costa, the Branch leaders (Orlando Carranza from Men’s Branch and Claudia and Fernando Gutierrez from Family Branch), and Mauricio Salazar from Madrugadores

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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