Madrugadores Santo Cristo

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Enthusiasm and prayer in the Madrugadores

ARGENTINA, Juan Barbosa • 

The pandemic we went through has left us with some rather forgettable and unpleasant memories. We have lived through hard times and, in the midst of them, there was something to rescue by listening to the Holy Spirit. It was in the midst of this situation that the Madrugadores del Santo Cristo were born in our city of Cordoba. Having completed their first three years, they radiate and show a lot without wanting to… with a very low profile. —

Loyalty for loyalty

In other articles we have recounted their experiences, but it is worth mentioning once again the fidelity that the “Madrugadores del Santo Cristo” exhibit every other Saturday. Even within the radius of their parish, there is a chapel dedicated to St. Dominic Savio. They alternate their early mornings in each location!

Madrugadores Santo Cristo

Madrugadores Santo Cristo

Difficult to grow, but… They never fail!

Their motivation is to reach as many men as they can to take them to Mary and through her to the Holy Christ who awaits them with his immense love.

It is hard for them, but they are laying the foundations for a very promising future since they have their internal tasks well divided, they participate in the Pastoral Council and… They even have serious, very serious plans to paint the Chapel!

They work very closely with the Sisters who take care of the Parish and the Parish School, all for the Church!

They have a representative in heaven…



Oscar, a teacher in love with his profession and with Mary, was a faithful attendee of the early mornings at the parish of Santo Cristo (even though, as he confessed, it was difficult for him to get up on Saturdays).

The Lord called him to his presence a few days ago, after the last dawn they had and the Madrugadores already entrust him with their intercession for their community.

The joy, if shared, increases… The sadness, if shared, decreases, although they will never forget their beloved Oscar and share their pain in a solid union.

But they have a mandate… To continue to grow individually and collectively for the glory of Mary!


Cruz de la Unidad, regalo de los madrugadores del Santuario de Córdoba

Unity Cross, a gift from the madrugadores of the Cordoba Shrine

Original: Spanish. Translation: Marcela Fernández, Toronto, Canada

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