Madrugada bajo la lluvia, Ciudad de Guatemala

Posted On 2023-08-13 In Madrugadores

Early morning in the rain

GUATEMALA, Edgar Tortola •

We did not give up. This Saturday, July 26, the chapel where we are always allowed to pray the Rosary could not be used because a retreat was being held there, so we Madrugadores decided to hold the meeting in a public square known as Plaza Juan Pablo II, in Guatemala City. —

However, we didn’t expect it to start raining during the night… It poured with rain in the early morning, and when we started, it continued to rain, although the rain was already lighter. The important thing is that we made the Madrugada, and we all managed to stay with it until the end. Soaked, but happy.

When we finished, it stopped drizzling and we were able to take our group photo.

Madrugadores en Ciudad de Guatemala

Madrugadores in Guatemala City

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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