Primer aniversario de los Madrugadores

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First year of Madrugadores de Guatemala

GUATEMALA, Edgar Leonel Tórtola •

It is incredible how time passes so fast; it seems that the week no longer has 7 days, nor the day 24 hours, so without realizing it we have reached our first year of Madrugadores in Guatemala. It has been a very gratifying experience and to see how our Mother continues to attract us and continues to do her work with each one of us. —

Primer aniversario de Marugadores en Guatemala

First anniversary of Marugadores in Guatemala

We started with one rosary a month, then this year we decided to do two and lately we have been doing it every other Saturday. We had the experience of always doing it in the chapel of Regnum Christi, but one Saturday we could not attend there, because of a special retreat there, so we decided to do it in the Plaza de Juan Pablo II, that Saturday was very special because it was the first time that we were not going to be comfortable and it rained, however, we were there.

With my brother Jorge we have been persevering and we are attracting family and friends to accompany us and we know that little by little our Mother is touching their hearts.

The testimony of Martin García Sunum, 12 years old

I am very impressed because we have a family that gets up early from Ciudad Vieja, Antigua Guatemala, to be there at 6 o’clock sharp, because of the distance they have to get up at 4 am, but they are there constantly.

This family has our child symbol: Martin García Sunum, 12 years old, who is a very cheerful and extroverted young man who gives us a great example of how to deal with diabetes and live a life to the fullest.

He gives us the following testimony: he has seen how he has changed in his way of getting up early and what he got in his first rosary was the friendship of all the dawnbreakers, he always wants to be in that presence before God and our Mother and a very special dawn was the one that took place in the John Paul II square, outdoors. For him, praying the rosary with the early risers is the complement for the Sunday Eucharist on Sunday.

The testimony of Eddy Maza

We have another testimony from Eddy Maza, who has suffered from colon cancer. He has joined and feels very comfortable and very happy, because he has seen the results with his illness. He has overcome it thanks to his faith and the intense faith of his wife, Gaby de Maza. At home he prays the rosary daily. It has been a very intense year, but something really important is that he had no pain and has felt closer to God and our Mother.

Madrugadores with commitment

We had the privilege of having a Eucharist celebrated by Father Juan Francisco González of the Legionaries of Christ and from Costa Rica we were accompanied by Gustavo Rodríguez, who is the co-advisor of the Schoenstatt Movement for Central America and also by some ladies accompanying the spouses. My brother Jorge and I have the commitment to continue with this mission that our Mother has entrusted to us.

Madrugada al aire libre

Madrugada in the open air

Collaboration: Miguel Ángel Rubio

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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