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In its youth, this shrine in La Plata has life and future

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On August 15th, the Schoenstatt Family of La Plata celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of Mary and the 58th Anniversary of the “Shrine of Father’s Liberation”. The Mass was celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Jorge González, member of the Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests’ Federation, concelebrated with several priests, among them Fathers Javier Arteaga, José María Iturrería, Pablo Mullín and Fr. Alberto Meroni. —

For the past year, the Family of La Plata has been on the “road to the 60th birthday” of the Shrine, motivated by the graces that the Schoenstatt Shrines give: sheltering, transformation and mission. The triennium 2022-2025 has the personal and community objective of contemplating the history, the events and above all the life that this small shrine has generated. They do this based on the Shrine’s motto: “Family, from the Shrine, release Father’s charism for the Church and the world.”

At home in Mary from the shrine to be family

The opening script of the celebration says: “The first year was the year of being at home, connected to the attitude: family, from the Shrine. It made us aware of how the Blessed Mother makes us at home every day, in every moment; and it motivated us to grow in the sheltering that each one offers to the others; to be more and more family from the shrine.

The second year, which began on August 15th, is the year of interior transformation and of our action: to release the charism of our Father and Founder. We do it with the confidence that we feel deeply secure, that we are beloved children. We want to work so that through inner transformation our behavior in everyday life becomes what God the Father expects of his children. We want to be new creatures who form the new community.

Finally, the third year will be the time of apostolic mission and its reach: for the Church and the world.”

La Plata 15.08.2023


This shrine in the middle of the city, surrounded by noise and traffic, has life, and a future

Bishop Jorge González’s homily and his sensitive words at the end of the Mass were very moving. He described the history, the experiences, and the apostolic tasks that emanated and emanate from this shrine.

Auxiliary Bishop González also mentioned that one of the concelebrating priests, Father Alberto Meroni, the first Schoenstatt diocesan priest who emerged from this shrine, will soon celebrate his golden jubilee as a priest.

One look at the many youths present and the choir that participated in the Mass was enough to know that this shrine in the midst of the city, surrounded by noise and daily traffic, has life and a future.

La Plata 15.08.2023

One of the youths from the time of the dedication of the Shrine

Hna. Alejandra

Sister Alejandra

Sister Alejandra, one of the youth from the 60’s who were present at the dedication of the shrine on August 15, 1965, was present. She read a prayer that she had composed with Ethel and Ma. Adela Meroni, members of the Girls’ Youth at that time, who could not be present but participated in the celebration thanks to the transmission on YouTube. Sister Alejandra’s message was very moving, full of profound gratitude to the Blessed Mother and to Father Kentenich. She recalled, “We were only ten young women with a Covenant of Love, and so we were committed to the Blessed Mother, to this Shrine, to our Founder, and to the Church of La Plata.”

Afterwards, a new crown was placed on the statue of the Immaculate Conception next to the shrine; the previous one had been damaged a few months ago.

The celebration ended at the family home with the usual cake offered by the mothers.

La Plata 15.08.2023

La Plata 15.08.2023, Homily of Bishop Jorge González

Video of the Holy Mass


Collaboration: Claudia Echenique

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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