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COSTA RICA, Eugenia Cruz de Garnier • On Thursday, August 24, we had the joy of welcoming Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s Sisters of Charity for a visit at the Family of Hope Shrine in San José, Costa Rica. They brought blessed Rosaries and postcards with a picture of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, which they affectionately distributed as a sign of gratitude for the invitation. They feel very united to Schoenstatt through the Unity Cross that St. Mother Teresa adopted for her congregation of Missionaries of Charity priests and forRead More
POPE’S PRAYER INTENTIONS • Hurricane Harvey, which caused death, flooding and destruction in large parts of Texas, USA, not only dominated world news, but also the private conversations and social media of thousands of people. Possibly because the impact and strength of the wind and the amount of rain were far greater than anyone could have imagined. Moreover, it deeply shocked many Schoenstatters because the Shrine in Lamar near Rockport and the Schoenstatt Centre were damaged, seen in unconfirmed photographs circulating on Facebook (we have not published them because theyRead More
PARAGUAY, Silvia Cabañas • How does one overcome the departure of a son? That is a question I am frequently asked. I prefer to use the term departure and not death, because for me, my son did not die. He only departed prematurely to meet God, our Father, and our Mother Mary, a conviction that keeps me strong and standing. Most of all, it is what motivates me to struggle against my own human weakness, and for me to also make the effort so the moment that God decides thatRead More
BRAZIL, Karen Bueno • The Schoenstatt Family from Brazil is experiencing the joy of conquering their 23rd Daughter Shrine that is being built in Caieiras, Sao Paulo. They are certain that the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt has a special mission for the country of origin and for the entire world from every shrine. We invite the International Schoenstatt Family, brothers/sisters in the Covenant of Love, to accompany this very special moment with their prayers and contributions to the Capital of Grace. Attending the blessing will be possible in realRead More
PARAGUAY, by Oscar Sandoval • When I became acquainted with María Teresa and Benjamín Cálcena’s Home Shrine and I heard them tell its story, I asked them if they could give their testimony about it. In that respect, Tere commented that in order to understand what their Home Shrine means to them, it is important to tell the story of how they entered the Movement: María Teresa tells her history My father was very ill, and they gave us a picture of the Pilgrim Mother so that she would accompanyRead More
BRAZIL, Melissa Rossatti • It is lass than two months until the blessing of the Shrine of Caieiras, a city of the greater São Paulo region. With a spirit of establishing a countdown and in the spirit of work and prayer, the Caierias Schoenstatt Family joyfully extends an official invitation for this date. The new century’s first Schoenstatt Shrine in Brazil will be developed by laypeople through the Christi Indivisible Apostolic Association, however the entire accompaniment and spiritual focus is under direction of the Our Lady of Schoenstatt Institute throughRead More
BOLIVIA, Roberto Henestrosa • Schoenstatt without a shrine is like drinking lemonade without ice or soda without carbonation… However we invite you to take a look at our wayside shrine… This November the Bolivian Santa Cruz de la Sierra Family will celebrate twenty years of founding. We have five hectares of land in the midst of a natural paradise, where the world’s largest wayside shrine is constructed. We do not have a shrine even though the Santa Cruz Family has become a pillar in the local church. We have grownRead More
BRAZIL, Joao Luiz Pozzobon (grandson), 27/06/2017 • June 27, 2017: That morning many pilgrims went from Deacon Joao Luiz Pozzobon’s house to Tabor Shrine in procession, commemorating the 32nd Anniversary of his death. On this same day and at the same time, exactly 32 years ago, Servant of God, Joao Luiz Pozzobon took the step into eternal life. The previous three days of this commemoration were spent in preparation and celebration in his honor. This time was spent in reliving and reflecting a lot about his moments of joy, faith,Read More
GERMANY Georg Schick • On the afternoon of the weekend celebrations, Carolin Ankenbauer’s song, “We are the New Generation, Your Future,” was the one the Girls’ Youth spontaneously requested after the “Take me” concert. It was also the Girls’ Youth that began construction on the shrine in Ulm, Germany during the war years.  At that time, Fr. Kentenich often stayed in Ulm and spoke about the grounds for a future shrine, with views of the cathedral, and that from this place, history would be written. This is how the firstRead More
By Maria Fischer and Ani Souberlich • “Thirty more stars were blessed on Friday, 12 May for the carpet of stars located at the north entrance of the Cologne Cathedral. The twenty-five small and the five large stars were donated this spring,” this was Cologne’s Domradio radio message. Among them, there was also a star from 1. FC Köln soccer team, the ‘Kölner Dom’ cultural foundation related. With the star of 1. FC Köln, two of Cologne’s passions grow closer: the cathedral and soccer,” commented Fr. Gerd Bachner, Provost ofRead More