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Dequení seeks to repair flood and storm damage at Ypané, Arroyos y Esteros and Caaguazú Community Centers

PARAGUAY, Dequení and Maria Fischer •

Strong storms and floods have recently affected three important Dequení community centers caring for more than 1,000 children. Activities have been suspended, or they are being carried out in provisional locations.

The Manos Juntas community center, located at the Pirapomi neighborhood of Arroyos y Esteros, is isolated by floodwaters from the Manduvirá River, Dequení is working with community and city leaders to guarantee help for this area.

El Triunfo community center at Caaguazú also suffered serious cracks, a collapsed roof and wall. Dequeni has transferred activities to a provisional classroom until the building can be restored, to prevent accidents that could affect the children.

Likewise Ypané’s Sacred Heart of Jesus community center had damage to the infrastructure and has limited educational and health services offered at this location.


Summer vacations? While the children suffer?

A professional team of architects and collaborators will work during January and February–in the midst of summer vacation– in order to finish the repairs by the start of the school year at the beginning of March. This way the children will be able to go to the center for tutoring, recreational workshops, and sports among other things.

Through these projects, Dequení guarantees the children’s education, health and nutrition, and it promotes community organization. The heads of families work in masonry, food vending or lottery, in domestic work, fishing or cultivating sugar cane.

At least 300 million Guaranies (45,000 €/$50,000 US) are needed to rebuild the community centers. Dequení is carrying out a fundraiser to reach the necessary amount.

People of goodwill in Paraguay, within and outside of the Movement, have begun to make extra donations to help Dequení in its effort to help to rebuild these centers.

It is not simply the building of houses; it is rebuilding hope put in these places that offer an option to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and lack of education.


Please, let us not leave Dequení alone

Let us not leave Ricardo, Liz, Natalia, Marco…alone. In covenant solidarity, let us not leave Dequení alone; this social work under the protection of the Mother Thrice Admirable was crowned as Queen of Dequení – Queen of the poorest children – in May of 2015. We are in the Year of Mercy. Pope Francis says, God’s name is mercy. The name of his children should also be mercy.

Within Paraguay, you can help by giving a donation starting at 100,000 Guaranies, through credit card or debit card, for details contact Celina Aquino at the area of Development of Funds,

Outside of Paraguay, you can help via credit card or especially recommended for Europe – (SEPA) through a money order to a bank account:

Dequeni, attn. Ingrid Springer
IBAN: DE52426613300121483602

Reason for payment: Dequeni

With your contributions, we will be able rebuild these centers to continue to give opportunities to hundreds of children, their families and communities.


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