bolsas de caridad

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“We have seen fruits of conversion”

ECUADOR, Fr. Rafael Amaya / María Fischer •

“We have delivered this Wednesday, July 1, 270 bags of charity for needy families and we believe that it is God’s work, because we have seen fruits of conversion,” says Fr. Rafael Amaya in the brief video broadcast a few days ago. —

Since Christmas of the first year of the pandemic, month by month “charity bags” are delivered in the Shrine of Quito, to people who lost their jobs or who never found one, people who are looking for food for their children, their grandparents, themselves. There were 270 bags this Wednesday, July 1, which means: 270 families, 270 homes where this month there is no lack of bread, and no lack of hope.

Fruits of conversion have been seen, he says: “First in ourselves, who have a heart that has become supportive, and then also in our brothers and sisters who come to the shrine to meet Jesus and Mary.

That is why I invite you to continue with this work. May God bless you.”

bolsas de caridad


Collaboration: Tita Andras, Viena, Austria

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