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They want to rebuild their parish in Jama

ECUADOR, by Fabián Eguiguren and Juan Carlos Terán J. •

The Quito Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement has worked for three years in Jama – Manabí with their parish priest, Fr. Leonel Zapata, through the apostolate of the Family Missions.

Their work is to visit towns and parish families, always in coordination with Fr. Leonel, supporting the parish priest and the catechist’s work of catechesis and collaborating with the training talks for the children and youths of the parish.

The earthquake 16 April had a devastating effect in Jama, materially as well as in the life of the parish, that lost several of its members, and they experienced the destruction of their church, homes and businesses.

On 19 April, the families from Quito arrived with two truckloads of supplies: non-perishable food, water, medicine, mattresses, clothes, and tarps for tents were gathered, thanks to the generosity of friends and the work of the Missionaries gathering donations.  They made kits and packed everything in the trucks for delivery.

Two other trucks with more supplies arrived in Jama on 29 April and two others on 28 May, for a total of more than sixty tons of donations. All purpose kits of food, kitchen utensils, articles for hygiene, educational kits for the children, kits for babies and the elderly, mattresses, tents and carps, plastic rolls for tents, drinking water, were sent in an attempt to fill the needs detected through Fr. Leonel and the Oblate Sisters, who assist his work in the parish.  This work will continue as long as necessary.

Fr. Leonel receives all the donations; he distributes them equally among the parish’s families, in Jama as well as the nearby towns.

On 11 June, eight tents, 6×6 meters were donated that will shelter and protect the faithful during religious services, while their church is rebuilt.


The faithful need their parish church

However we want to do something more important, thus, those who make up the Quito Schoenstatt Family Missions have assumed the task of coordinating the reconstruction of the parish church of Jama. They are convinced that its reconstruction will be the rebirth of hope in the Jama’s people and the beginning of a new road, illuminated by faith in God and the Blessed Mother.

To this effect, and with the permission and blessing of Lorenzo Voltolini, Bishop of the Archdiocese of Portoviejo to which the Parish of Jama belongs, they constituted “FIDEICOMISO IGLESIA DE JAMA” and it will be in charge of receiving donations exclusively destined for the reconstruction of the Jama Church.

To receive donations, the trust established the following account:


TRANSFERS FROM THE EXTERIOR TO FIDEICOMISO IGLESIA DE JAMA THROUGH CITIBANK (usually not necessary, with BIC and account number direct transfers are possible from most of the countries; but US Citi Bank is helpful for donations from the US)
ABA 21000089
ADDRESS 111 Wall Street NY Citi USA



Cell: +593 9 99737139


Before the earthquake

Original: Spanish. Translation:  Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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