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Mother: medicine for her children in difficulty

PARAGUAY, by Rafael Vera •

Today, on Workers’ Day, together with Alberto Léon from Chile, we had the opportunity to visit Nichoás, who is blind; Cipriano, who is in a different capacity; and Valentina, who is bedridden. The Blessed Mother used us as instruments to visit her children.

It was a moving experience to see Nicolás feeling the beautiful image of our Mother, the Pilgrim Mother for the Blind, carved in wood so that she can be “seen” by touching her. She recently arrived from Argentina where the Pilgrim Mother for the Blind started.

The Pilgrim Mother visits the blind just like Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, allowing herself to be touched to feel her presence and transmit graces and strength. Valentina smiled, kissed the image and felt loved by our Schoenstatt Mother. Cipriano shared with us that Valentina appeared to be healthy throughout the week and thanked us for our beloved Queen’s visit.


Photo: Pilgrim Mother for the Blind, at the Workshop on Kentenich Communication

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