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House Mother of Tupãrenda: 5 years transforming lives

PARAGUAY, Lourdes Palacios •

The big day is here, the most awaited day, dressed in suit and tie, Fabian and Braian stand out among the participants, they graduate from the program – and they do it together with the celebration of the five years of House Mother of Tuparenda (HMT).

Fabian is the first to arrive accompanied by his unconditional grandmother and little cousin, anxious and smiling, you can see happiness on his face, the days of anguish and uncertainty are behind him, he overcame temptations and weaknesses, keeping firm his faith and his conviction he reached the goal. He said it himself: “Thank you Lord for this great change you have made in my life”.

Braian joins the party, with great excitement and enthusiasm, hoping to be able to offer his future son a life full of new opportunities, he had good and not so good days during his education, but that is part of the process of true change, change that today is celebrated with an standing ovation. HMT adds two new brave newcomers to its list of graduates. “I feel very proud of myself,” shared Braian.

CMT egresados

Graduates of the last few years showed up

They were pleasantly surprised by the presence of program graduates from 2018, 2019, 2020 and early 2021, who returned to the “Mother’s house” to show that “will is power”, that the change that is achieved with effort, sacrifice and sometimes tears is worth it, they came to encourage the new participants in the training process not to falter, to keep on fighting:

Junior (2018 graduate) “this new life now is cool, legally; really cool is not having a criminal record, the tranquility of being able to walk the streets without fear is priceless, now I feel like a free bird that can fly everywhere”.

Ignacio (graduate 2019) “I thank the entire HMT team, I am very happy with my new life, I managed to build my little house and continue working for the wellbeing of my family, with a job and a decent salary, we can all do this legally, thank you for everything”.

Luis Rubén (graduate 2021) “Here at House Mother of Tupãrenda my life changed a lot, it helped me grow, and the peace of mind I have now is great”.


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Original: Spanish 2021-08-28. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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