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They offered their profession to Jesus in the shrine

ECUADOR, Fr. Rafael Amaya •

Yesterday I gave a special blessing: 14 young dentists came to offer their profession to Jesus in the shrine in Quito. —

This is what they shared with us:

“On 20 August, we celebrated a mass to bless our doctor’s coats in the Schoenstatt shrine. It was a moment to thank God and our parents for their infinite love and their sacrifices. We entrusted ourselves to God with the blessing given by Fr. Rafael, that we may remain humble and always use the gift of helping others.”

In covenant solidarity, we accompany these young dentists and all the patients they will try to heal and their families by making contributions to the capital of grace.

Too daring a dream? Through the prayers in our shrines and home shrines, through our WhatsApp congratulations that we will forward to celebrate an anniversary…we pray for these 14 medical professionals…and their future patients. Imagine the solidarity network we could create!

Original: Spanish. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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