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“The values I learned led me to be the person I am today”

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La Casa del Niño Father Joseph Kentenich is a day care home that welcomes more than 300 children in Barrio San Nicolas, Florencio Varela, one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. We try to make our children feel accompanied by providing them with love, containment and, above all, opportunities and hope. It is a work of mercy, through the Covenant of Love. —

On March 19 of 1985, the first stone of what would become La Casa del Niño was laid, in the year of the centenary of Father Joseph Kentenich’s birth, this is why it bears his name. With the support of the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement and thanks to the effort and generosity of many people who faithfully supported the project, this non-profit house was built, which is a special space to offer the children of the neighborhood and their families the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment of love, joy, freedom and trust.

Casa del Niño

Hugo Mensel – a true story

Recently, a former student of La Casa del Niño, Hugo Mensel, recorded his testimony in a video. After transcribing it, we share it with you. This authentic testimony shows the work done at Casa del Niño and is a sincere thank you to each of the benefactors who sponsor a child or help punctually with their donations.

Hugo shares his story:

Hugo Mensel“Hello, my name is Hugo Mensel. I was a student at La Casa del Niño since I was five years old. The truth is that if I were to tell anecdotes I would not finish this video because there are so many beautiful memories.

The truth is that the values I learned led me to be the person I am today and to dedicate myself to what I like. At La Casa del Niño I found my artistic side in the activities and games, in the spring parties and costume parties and in the model competitions we used to have.

I am a master builder. I worked in home design, but I left architecture to dedicate myself to dance, which I am very passionate about. I am a dancer and choreographer; I was lucky enough to be the choreographer of shows that went to Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Uruguay and all of Argentina.

I work for the Secretary of Culture, Sports and Recreation of Florencio Varela. I am in charge of the Dance area. Everything I was able to bring out from inside, was thanks to La Casa del Niño, since I am a very shy person.

I also remember the work with the soil, in the vegetable garden in charge of Ayala. So many things, a great institution, I am very fond of it. I hope soon to be working with them and bring art to the children”.

Casa del Niño - 09/21

The mission of La Casa del Niño

“That each child, respected in his/her individuality, be accompanied and motivated to discover his/her own talents in an environment of love, joy, freedom and trust growing in autonomy and social commitment.”

Thus an artist was born. With the efforts of the people who work at La Casa del Niño, and our solidarity donations, a politician committed to the dignity of people, a passionate teacher, a just businessman, a lawyer, a doctor, a journalist committed to the truth, a priest, a mother of a family, a new saint for the Church. It is up to us, today, so that the future of Florencio Varela and of the whole world does not end up in the streets, in drugs, in exploitation, in hunger. Now we can change the world, by changing the life of a child from San Nicolas.

Casa del Niño


In Covenant of Solidarity with La Casa del Niño Father Joseph Kentenich

Bank Account in Argentina

Name: Casa del Nino Padre José Kentenich
Account: 4002-500061/0
CBU: 01400021-01400202698121
Banco: Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires
Swift: PRBAARBA (for WiseTransfer etc.)

Bank Account in Germany (SEPA Zone)

Name: Schoenstatt-Patres International
IBAN: DE22 4006 0265 0003 1616 07
Concept of the transfer: Casa del Niño PJK

Original: Spanish 2021-10-16. Translated by María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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