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When Jesus hands out sandwiches…

MEXICO, Massy González •

A few months after joining the Schoenstatt Mothers’ Branch, a group of friends invited me to be a part of an apostolate for relatives of the patients at the Social Security Clinic 25. It was an excellent opportunity, because I had been seeking something that I could do to contribute to the Capital of Grace. This is how I began this beautiful service, by the Blessed Mother’s hand and offering everything to her.

Our work consists in providing more than 200 breakfasts, which consist of sandwiches, cookies, fruit, cool water and coffee to patients’ relatives at this Highly Specialized public hospital. I find great satisfaction in this work, since many times when we help people in the street who ask for money, we do not know where that donation goes. However, here it is incredible to see how people arrive tired and hungry, many travel very far, they sleep very little, and in uncomfortable conditions. After eating a simple sandwich, and drinking a little bit of coffee seated at a table, chatting and resting for a while; they seem to have more energy, and they express gratitude with smile. It is here that I see a reflection of my work.

My vocation for more than eighteen years

Today I can say that what began as a simple contribution to the capital of grace, without realizing it, became my vocation for more than eighteen years.

This apostolate has gone through four directors at the hospital; there have been many difficulties on the way. Many times, I thought that was the end of this service, because of all the obstacles presented. However, the Blessed Mother has not abandoned us, and she has allowed us to continue to give some consolation, through this simple refreshment, to so many people, which many times, is the only meal they have during the day.

We must continue…

What I want to stress here is that many times, we begin something, and when we fulfill the objective, we leave it. We set aside daily prayer, the apostolate, “that” would draw us closer to the Blessed Mother and to live a life more by God’s hand. For almost two decades, this apostolate has been a learning experience and an enormous satisfaction– moments of reflection as well as moments of great joy– and for this I thank the Blessed Mother for giving me this opportunity for such a long time and for always guiding me by her hand.

Don’t seek sacrifices, instead do what you like to do best

Lastly, I want to end with something Fr. Marcel Mouras told us some years ago during a Lenten retreat: “During this time, everyone makes great sacrifices, and they try to correct rooted defects. Today I propose that you seek what you like to do best or that you think you do best. Now try to find some purpose that relates to that, and I assure that this purpose will last much longer than what is hard to do.”

I do not want to relate this Year of Mercy to sacrifice and pain, but instead, to joy and pleasure, and these acts of mercy that we carry out will last for a long time, becoming our way of life, by practicing them daily, and making them part of our life.


Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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