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God’s favorites, the little ones, those who from their childhood had to learn to survive in the streets

PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich •

“You are my beloved Son, and that love of God can move anyone to change many things”.  Pedro Kühlcke began his homily on the day when seven participants of CMT (Casa Madre de Tuparenda) received the sacraments. Josías received baptism; Emanuel and Angel received First Communion; and Rodolfo, Christian, Alci and Luis received Confirmation. As every year, thanks to catechists Oscar Sugastti, Ceferino Orué and Miguel Arrúa, the participants were able to get to know God better and they freely decided to receive the sacraments of Christian initiation.—

CMT opens its doors to everyone regardless of creed or religion, respecting and cultivating the freedom of each one to decide on their faith.

As in every festivity of the sacraments celebrated in CMT, once again the presence and closeness of God through the spirit of joy was present, without missing his “loving Father detail” by sending us a divine breeze of 33° C, which relieved the 40°C temperature that we had been experiencing during the previous weeks.

Being important to your mom.

Josías, who received baptism, was anxious all day because he wanted his mother to be present on a day so important for him.  His glance did not deviate from the entrance.

We were not sure whether she would come or not, and that was the plea of the whole CMT team:

that his mother would come so that this 17 year old would not feel abandoned again and could experience “how important” it is, that God would tell him in his baptism “You are my beloved son”.

It is difficult to put into words the transformation of a sad and dull glance into a glance full of joy and light. That was the change we perceived in Josías’ eyes when his mother appeared.

At 17, and in spite of the innumerable experiences of abandonment he has suffered since he was a child, he continues to desire with all of his heart to “be important” for his mother.  Many times, as parents, we make mistakes and do not evaluate the painful marks of abandonment that we engrave in the lives of our children, this abandonment leads them to take wrong paths, to seek for bad company.

Grace that you can touch with your hands

Many times, not to say most of the time, we are with them 8 hours a day as the House Team, we realize that they can have all our hands outstretched to offer them support, containment, affection, firmness and tenderness… but if the Blessed Mother and the good God did not blow over each deep wound of the soul and heart of each participant, the miracle of transformation in to a new man would not be feasible.

I have to say, that many times, you can “touch with your hands” the grace that reigns in the Casa Madre de Tupãrenda, without a doubt, they are God´s favorites, the little ones, those who since childhood had to learn to survive in the streets, those whom by miracle are still alive.

The struggle between God and the devil “is daily basis” in their lives, today these seven participants decided to say YES to God and open their hearts so that He continues to work miracles of transformation in their lives until they reach their goals.

“Every marginalized child, every abused child, every abandoned child, every child without school, without medical care, is a cry that rises to God,” Pope Francis said in a recent video. “In each of them it is Christ, who came to our world as a helpless child, it is Christ who is looking at us in each of those children”… in one of those children, like Josías.”


Aguije, Gracias, Dankeschön, Obrigado, Merci, Grazie, Thanks, Dankewol, Dziękuję…

…to all the people here and there, who are crossing rivers and oceans, who accompany us with their prayer and very valuable contribution by sponsoring a boy from CMT.

Thanks to each one of you, since last May, Casa Madre de Tupãrenda, is able to keep its doors open. During this time of Advent, may the Good Lord give you his presence and may he give you more than the support that you give to this noble cause.

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Original: Spanish. Translation: María Esther Aragón, Monterrey, Mexico

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