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Is a second “Mother of Tupãrenda House” coming soon…?

PARAGUAY,, Paraguay’s National Government’s Ministry of Justice and the editorial team •

The Ministry of Justice and the Foundation to Promote Values and Prevention of Violence  (Fundaprova) is strengthening its strategic alliance by extending the public–private cooperation agreement period of helping teens that broke the law with their reintegration into society.—

The program is successful; there are already nine graduates that have zero index of delinquency recidivism. Several of the graduates work in areas in which they received instruction at Mother of Tupãrenda House.

The Minister of Justice, Ever Martínez, pointed out that actions have been taken to extend the program to other areas of the country, especially to Ciudad del Este, where the second most populated educational detention center is located. He added that it is “an innovative and successful model that has generated interest in replicating the system in other countries.”

Fundaprova manages “Mother of Tupãrenda House,” which is a work-training center for teens that have broken the law. At the place, they receive training in baking, horticulture, tailoring, and social values, in order to adapt themselves to their community’s surroundings.

At this time, Mother of Tupãrenda House accommodates twenty youths who arrive every day to work in the different modules, according to their assigned area, and the program lasts for nine months. They receive a stipend for the work they carry out, which allows them to cover their basic needs.

Ana María de Acha, Fundaprova’s president, stressed that the re-education of these teens that broke the law is very important, and the benefit that the family, community and society in general receives is immeasurable, it removes the youths from delinquency and offers more positive opportunities.

The training center for teens, Mother of Tupãrenda House, was authorized in August 2016, and it is located in Itauguá.

Source:, 3.3.2018

“The Blessed Mother continues to challenge us to work for her most vulnerable children”

In a brief interview with the editorial team, Fr. Pedro Kühlcke affirmed: “The truth is that we are very impressed by how the minister “gives his all” and how he is committed to this project in order to obtain financing, support, and above all the drive to have a second Mother of Tupãrenda House, in Ciudad del Este as soon as possible.”

I stress that it is not about just another work-training center and social integration, rather the Ministry is projecting “a second CMT”, with the methods, the experience, and the spirit of the first one. It is a challenge, of course, and at the same time, a strong voice of the time. Fr. Pedro affirms: “The Blessed Mother continues to tell us the work is hers, and she continues to challenge us to work for her most vulnerable children.”

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Original: Spanish. 5 March 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt Elgin, TX USA

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