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The UBA and Environmental Education for Children

ARGENTINA, Juan Diego Stellatelli •

We would like to thank Professors Silvia E. Asis and José A. Postigo of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) for once again choosing us to carry out the Environmental Education and Training Project on Integrated Management of Solid Urban Waste in our institution, the Casa del Niño in Florencio Varela. —

The general objective of this project is to educate children, adolescents, and adults to take care of the environment and the whole community that surrounds them: the staff, administrators, authorities, and volunteers of Casa del Niño.

Students from the School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the UBA offered a very interesting workshop on recycling and environmental protection.

The comment of a student who participated in the project sums up the enriching experience:

“The children’s willingness and joy made every activity better than planned. They were always eager to participate.

A child in the home is one less child on the street

The Casa del Niño is a day care center for children between the ages of 4 and 13, located in the San Nicolas neighborhood of Florencio Varela, a vulnerable area. In this home we try to ensure that the children grow up in a healthy environment, full of love, trust, and hope. The nearly three hundred children who live in the home learn noble values so that they can find their way in life in a healthy way, away from the dangers of the streets.

UBA en la CCasa del Niño


Donations for the Casa del Niño

Institutional page of the Casa del Niño – with a secure and easy way to make donations online – also in English

Bank account in Argentina

Name: Casa del Nino Padre José Kentenich
Account: 4002-500061/0
CBU: 01400021-01400202698121
Bank: Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

Bank Account in Germany (SEPA Zone)
Name: Schoenstatt-Patres International
IBAN: DE22 4006 0265 0003 1616 07
Intended use: Casa del Niño P. Kentenich

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Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer


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