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Our brothers and sisters need us…

CHILE, Rafael Mascayano

In these days, the Region of Valparaiso, Chile, has suffered the dramatic situation of fires that have claimed the lives of more than 50 people, and the destruction of entire villages, houses and buildings. Numerous people have had to evacuate due to the danger of the fires affecting their homes and also compromised by the heat and smoke as a consequence of these events. —

Unfortunately, the high temperatures caused by climate change are mixed with human intentionality in causing these fires.

Given this reality, many governmental, civil and religious organizations have taken action to affectively and effectively help those most affected, those who have lost homes, belongings, cars, everything… And also collaborating with the Fire Department personnel (in our country this activity is voluntary), with water, food and other aid for all the great work they are doing.

The families of the Shrines are also taking initiatives to go, in one way or another, to help the affected Schoenstatters as well as the rest of the people. Thus, from the Shrines of Los Pinos, Agua Santa and Quillota, located in that region, they have mobilized themselves to welcome affected people and to collect materials to go to the aid of those affected.

Like Mary, who promptly ran to her cousin Elizabeth, the attitude of these and other shrines in our country has been to reach out promptly to those who need it most.


Incendios Chile

The call of the National Director of Schoenstatt Chile

Fr. Gonzalo Illanes, National Director of the Movement in Chile, has sent the following message:


February 4, 2024

Dear Schoenstatt Family,

In these days we have been deeply shocked by the tragedy experienced by so many people in the areas affected by the disasters in the V region. We are moved by the pain and anguish that our brothers and sisters are experiencing. In a special way, we lament the fatalities that this emergency has left behind and we unite in prayer with their families.

Through these words, I would like to encourage you to be united in prayer and in concrete solidarity with all the people who are suffering from this terrible situation. It is a difficult time we are living in and our country needs everyone’s help. That is why I invite you to continue adding your efforts to the different campaigns of prayer, donation and solidarity.

Here is some information on how to collaborate in a more concrete way: Information on how to collaborate in the V Region fire tragedy

Let us pray with strength to the Lord and to our beloved Blessed Mother so that the crisis may ease and give a respite to so many victims!

United in the Covenant,

Greetings from Bellavista!

Fr.Gonzalo Illanes Fuertes

National Direction of the Schoenstatt Movement

In these moments of great need, it is important to bring to life more strongly the “we go in each other”, with which we want to renew these 75 years of May 31. In the brother, in the sister who suffers, there is Christ and Mary asking for our solidarity.


Incendios Chile


Original: Spanish. Translation: Marcela Fernández, Toronto, Canada

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