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Scholarships for Paraguay’s poorest children— You can donate now!

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The scholarship campaign “Help them shape their future” is Dequení’s fundraising initiative seeking to join forces, supporting children’s education at the beginning of the school cycle. It consists in contributing only 500.000 Guaraníes (75,00 € / 85.00 USD) that can be made by credit card at the website of Dequeni  or via Fundraisingbox. —

“Jefferson had the opportunity that my other children did not have, and now I understand the value of early stimulation, because my son has changed,” Felipa related how she accompanied her son’s development from the beginning, she saw noticeable improvement, in two previous aspects that had worried her: speech and social interaction.

The opportunity they do not have without Dequení

Jefferson is one of the thousands of children from families with limited resources that —thanks to Dequení and Paraguay’s benefactors and the whole world— can take advantage of socio-educational programs that provide access to school and work training. In other words, it gives them opportunities other children have but that are (generally) unattainable for them.

Every year, the scholarship campaign makes it possible and collaborates with the implementation of Dequení’s socio-educational programs for children ages 1-4, in vulnerable communities like Luque, Nueva Italia, Ypané and San Antonio (Guata Ñepyrῦ) and the improvement of educational quality for children and adolescents ages 5-17 in more than thirty-seven public schools in nine districts of the Central, Cordillera, and Caaguazú departments with everyone focused on the improvement of literacy skills (Arandu Mbarete).

Those who want to donate a scholarship can choose to sponsor a child in one of these two key stages of learning and human development.

There are still two months…you still have time!

In a way, the scholarship is the support contributing to the success of the children’s school cycle.

Many people and organizations carry out this contribution annually as part of their commitment to the best opportunities for childhood growth and development in our country.

Since it’s founding, every sponsor receives a letter from the child they have sponsored throughout the year.

The scholarship campaign is extended until February 2018, and it ends with a welcoming celebration for the different projects’ classes, where scholarship sponsors are invited to participate.

Dequení began more than thirty years ago with Schoenstatt Young Men Youth members’ commitment to street children. Today it is one of the largest and well-known social projects, and year by year in Paraguay, it mobilizes the solidarity of businesses and volunteers from the formative strength of the Covenant of Love generating a new social order. It is the Covenant culture for children and their families.

Those who want to be a part of this experience can contact Gloria Vera: or cellphone with WhatsApp +595 981 458 570 – or simply donate here


Official website of Dequeni


Original: Spanish. 27 November 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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