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Posted On 2023-03-17 In Projects, works of mercy

The help that brings a plate of food to our homes

ECUADOR, Maria Fischer •

“I feel grateful first of all to God and to the Church and to the people who donate here. I hope they continue to help us because for us it is a great help, because we have no work. Thanks to God and to the people who are doing this, also to you, Father,” says one of the many people who last week received, as every month since the beginning of the pandemic, their charity bag. —

Es la obra social del Santuario de Schoenstatt de Quito – así dice el titulo del video que el P. Rafael Amaya difunde entre bienhechores y aliados de este proyecto.

It is the social work of the Schoenstatt Shrine of Quito – so says the title of the video that Fr. Rafael Amaya spreads among benefactors and allies of this project. It must be said that it is not the only social work of this shrine – we think of all that is done for the children of the poorest neighborhood near the shrine and for their families -, but this title, as simple as it is categorical, makes us think: What is the social work of our shrine, of our wayside shrine? In the shrine of Santa Cruz do Sul in Brazil it is the food rosary, something similar is done in the wayside shrine of Goya, Argentina; the Sion Shrine of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Florencio Varela, Argentina, has the Casa del Niño, Tuparenda the House Mother of Tuparenda… How interesting would be a series of articles about the social works of our shrines and wayside shrines!

Back to Quito. Let us listen to the testimony of another beneficiary:

“I thank you with all my heart because once again you have helped us a lot. And you have helped us every month so that our homes can receive a plate of food, a little snack for our children, our adolescents, our elderly. I feel so happy that there are no words to say it, to show my feelings and to thank you every Sunday at Mass, the spirit is changed inside, the soul remains calm every Sunday to have a good week”.

“We want to bring to life the call of Pope Francis that the words are noticed in our works” says Fr. Rafael.

Collaboration: Tita Andras, Viena, Austria


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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