Profesionales Jovenes

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I am a thought of God

COSTA RICA Ma. Amparo Ruiz •

God the Father invites, calls and gathers. “I am a thought of God” was the theme of the retreat for young professionals held March 11 and 12 in San José, Costa Rica. —

Profesionales Jovenes

We began early Saturday morning at the convent of the Sisters of the Cross. A group of 27 young professionals accepted the invitation to break the hectic pace and enter into dialogue and communion with the Father. We were joined by two young Central American women from Guatemala and Panama.

To know and feel that one is a thought, a desire from God, was the experience of the weekend. To be reminded that He looks at us with gentleness, with deep love. That we are his creation and not an accident.

Valuable themes were developed by the advisors of the Branch, Fr. José Luis Correa and Ma. Amparo Ruiz. In addition, a testimony talk by Milagro Castro led us to experience “I have written you in my hand.”

God bless these young women who long to continue growing in His love.

Profesionales Jovenes


Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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