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bolsas de caridad
ECUADOR, Maria Fischer • “I feel grateful first of all to God and to the Church and to the people who donate here. I hope they continue to help us because for us it is a great help, because we have no work. Thanks to God and to the people who are doing this, also to you, Father,” says one of the many people who last week received, as every month since the beginning of the pandemic, their charity bag. — It is the social work of the Schoenstatt ShrineRead More
Casa del Niño
ARGENTINA, Gabriela Sarquis / María Fischer • La Casa del Niño Father Joseph Kentenich is a day care home that welcomes more than 300 children in Barrio San Nicolas, Florencio Varela, one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. We try to make our children feel accompanied by providing them with love, containment and, above all, opportunities and hope. It is a work of mercy, through the Covenant of Love. — On March 19 of 1985, the first stone of what would become La Casa delRead More