Taller de cocina chilena

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Mary on the Way: Workshops for Migrants

CHILE, Verónica Morandé •

Experience has shown us that in the current conditions, the best way to help in the education of others is through workshops. In them, the students interact with the teachers and with each other, discovering the contents of the lessons, but also their own abilities, supporting and complementing each other, achieving a much greater progress not only in the understanding of the subjects, but also in personal appreciation and mutual support. — 

In addition to these values, we emphasize the importance of direct contact between people who have migrated to Chile in search of new horizons and who, through mutual exchange, share the richness of their way of life, their customs, and their multiple expressions of universal culture.

In order for these personalized workshops to show the fruitfulness that can be achieved through them, we deliberately accept only a maximum of twelve people per course.

Taller de cocina chilena

Chilean Cuisine Workshop

As September and the national holidays approached, we wanted to start a “Chilean Cuisine Workshop” for those who want to learn how to prepare the typical dishes for the festivities of our holidays: Empanadas, Pebre, Pan Amasado, Sopaipillas, etc.

In this workshop met a very active group of women of different ages who worked and learned with great joy and participation. All of them practiced cooking and were very interested in celebrating a beautiful holiday with their families, with the surprise of being able to prepare the entire menu themselves.

In the garden of our property there is an old clay oven that has not been used before. All the work took place outdoors, in an atmosphere of joy, participation and mutual cooperation.

Paty, the cooking teacher, was another one in the group who welcomed us, shared her culinary secrets, helped each participant to do her best and created a very valuable atmosphere of collaboration and solidarity.

At the end of each session, all participants took home the fruits of their labor to tell their families about their progress.

Taller de cocina chilena

Sunday, September 25, was the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees. In his message for the day, Pope Francis emphasized that “their work, their ability to sacrifice, their youth and their enthusiasm” enrich the communities that welcome them.

“Shaping the future with migrants and refugees also means recognizing and valuing the contribution that each of them can make to this process,” he said. “I like discovering this view of the phenomenon of migration in the prophetic vision of Isaiah, in which the strangers do not appear as invaders and destroyers, but as willing workers who rebuild the walls of the New Jerusalem, the Jerusalem that is open to all peoples (cf. Is 60:10-11).”

In the work of “Maria en el Camino” (Mary on the Way) in San Felipe, what Francis calls for is lived.

Taller de cocina chilena

Photos: Ignacio Agustín Pinto Anwandter

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer @schoenstatt.org

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