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Maria Ayuda in Spain: the helping hand that young single mothers need.

SPAIN, Henar de Santiago. •

At the end of last year, we were lucky enough to be able to accompany the mothers and babies of the house of Maria Ayuda in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid.


The ceremony was cozy and familial. The members of the board of trustees, Father Borja, the educator and volunteers who are giving their services, love and help in a totally selfless way, were there to support these mothers.

The godmothers and godfathers are usually people from the board or volunteers.

It must be taken into account that, in most cases, single mothers who are taken in by “María Ayuda” do not have any family or friends to take on this responsibility.

It was a very important moment, in which Father Borja transmitted that it is the first sacrament that the children receive and that it is the responsibility of mothers and godparents to continue to foster and care for the spiritual life of these little ones.

After the ceremony, we shared a snack that had been prepared with much love and care by the mothers of the house.

We did all this as a Schoenstatt Family, represented by the different branches of the movement.

It was a very nice time, where we enjoyed an atmosphere of celebration, affection, dedication and much love.


What seemed to be an effort became a gift for me.

My experience with Maria Ayuda House, in a more direct way, comes from the summer of 2017.

Nacho, my husband, is part of the board of directors. He told me that, because of a benefactor of that time, he wanted to take the mothers and their children for a week’s holiday to Aveiro, in Portugal.

The mothers who lived in the house had never been to the beach, let alone enjoy a summer holiday; tourist’s walks or simply sit down for an ice cream with a group and family.

Father Borja, two members of the board, the educator and a volunteer, guided this group that was able to go to Aveiro.

What seemed to be a week of vacation, of effort, capital of grace NGO kind, became a gift, where you can see that our Bless Mother uses you…

During this trip, without intending to, we became parents of that group.

It was very nice to go to the beach with all the gadgets, as we Spanish families do.

It was possible to make an excursion to Fatima. I will not forget the illusion that these single mothers had because they were able to be tourists.

They wrote a letter to the Virgin of Fatima, talking about their personal issues.

We had Mass in the Shrine of Aveiro and we invited them to talk to the Blessed Mother.

The trip helped me get to know these young ladies very closely, they who feel alone, with a great need of affection, with a great need of friendly hands… with a great need that we would truly behave like, friends!


Original Spanish, January 05th, 2020. Translation by Maria Aragón, Monterrey, México


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  1. Parvinder Kaur Gill says:

    Im a single mom and abused gender victim..i hace 2 boys..curently staying at casa Agogida. Im jobless.. i was told by the director of the association to leave the place. I dont know where to go with my kids..we Sony have any friends or family in this country. Im seeking for help everywhere but no one help us. I have there will be an answer for my prayers.

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