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“Everything was left behind, the drugs, the crime, the bad life…”

PARAGUAY, Casa Madre de Tupãrenda / Maria Fischer •

On August 22, four years ago, the doors of the Casa Madre de Tupãrenda , a house for adolescents leaving the Itauguá Educational Cente (read: youth jail), were opened. The dream so longed for was becoming a reality for those who, Saturday after Saturday, stood firm to bring a snack to the adolescents of the Educational Center. On each visit they were soaked in the stories and realities of each of those who were “inside”, and often witnessed the frequent “comings and goings” of most of the offenders.  —


November 2019: Father Peter Kühlcke presents the prison ministry and CMT to Pope Francis

How is this valued? When it comes to human lives, the great “difference” between them and us is that they were born in another home, in an “almost parallel society”, with very harsh realities, in the periphery (paraphrasing Pope Francis). If the State (i.e. the judicial system, government agencies) does not offer them something different from the reality they have known since childhood, how can they be expected to go out and be exemplary citizens, especially when they are minors?

This was the main reason why the CMT( Casa Madre de Tupãrenda) program was born, in the shadow or better said in the light of the Schoenstatt Shrine of Tuparenda, to be able to offer these youth an opportunity to change their own reality and consequently their environment. The program intends to direct them in a process of learning and unlearning habits and behaviors, to strengthen the positive skills and to stimulate them to improve other aspects, besides the trades for work.


The miracle of life change

As a result of the joint effort of many sectors (public institutions, private companies and benefactors), during these 4 years, 30 teenagers graduated and several are in process. They are thirty families who managed to be part of the miracle of life change and individual effort that each of these young people underwent. We invite you to join us in this great joy on our fourth anniversary. We are about to set up “Emprendimiento Madre de Tupãrenda”, the official bakery that aims to support the program.

Once again, we want to thank God and the Queen of our home, the Blessed Mother, and those who led each one of the people who throughout these four years contributed their grain of sand to this noble cause. In a special way, to those who gave their time, their work, their economic contribution, their apostolate and their prayers. It only remains for us to say “Thank you very much” and God, who sees in the secret, will compensate you (Mt. 6,4).

To be a witness of the change

“Looking back over these four years is like a film that passes at high speed and with many elements of a plot that has stories that fill the soul,” says Lourdes Sola de Marin, from the Executive Board of Fundaprova, the entity behind CMT. “In these four years, we have accompanied and witnessed the change in the lives of so many children. The desire, the tenacity and the will to change their lives is very strong. Several are already working with a lot of stability and with the appreciation and value of their employers, who are impressed to have an employee with so much responsibility in spite of their origins. Everything is behind us: drugs, crime, the bad life. Being able to give them a hug and encourage them to follow this new lifestyle is priceless. Only the Blessed Mother can perform this miracle of transformation, thank you to all those who with your support can help change lives”.




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Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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