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Colegio Monte Reina, a long dreamed-of yearning… Now it’s a reality!

MÉXICO | Cynthia Guevara •

It seemed like a distant dream to many hearts, who were convinced of the transforming power of the Covenant of Love with Mary and of Father Joseph Kentenich’s pedagogical proposal to form free personalities, the type of man and woman that these times need: a school that is totally Schoenstatt. —

We have worked hard for more than 7 years to achieve the first Schoenstatt school in Mexico, which will be in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. We are very excited because at last we will see the fruits of the work of many people who donated so much time and resources to make this possible. The Capital of Grace team has been fundamental and has made a great effort so that the entire family of the Schoenstatt Movement in the city will be involved in this beautiful project that will undoubtedly transform the lives of many families.

Soon it will be full of children

The building, composed of three floors and a basement, is already fully built, and for the time being, the ground floor of the building is ready for what will be the preschool. It has three classrooms, a multipurpose room, a teacher’s room, the reception and two courtyards, a central one and the second one is the one that will house the preschool children.

We are moving forward on this path by the hand of God and our Mother, who have been inviting, molding and transforming so many hearts to make this desire a reality, which is a gift to society.

We want to thank all the people who have contributed their grain of sand and invite all the Schoenstatt Family to join this educational and formative proposal that, tomorrow, will be a seedbed of men and women who will permeate our community of the pedagogy of Fr. Kentenich, thus creating new men in a new community.



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