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A resource that is clearly tremendous!

VATICAN, Juan Barbosa •

Many times, we have needed information on the various topics of family, couples, or different groups in the life of spiritual growth and… How difficult it was for us to get resources! Today we have, just a click away, a lot of very useful material that undoubtedly allows us to introduce ourselves in different topics with the certainty that they are correct (which is not a small thing…). —

Speaking about its origin

So often we find something and then doubt its certainty… From today, with this source of information, this is no longer a problem: it is produced by the Dicastery for the Laity, Families and Life!

On its usefulness for life

These are pastoral tools that cover a wide and varied range of topics, not only in written form, but also with pleasant videos that allow us to grasp with great ease those things that are often difficult to interpret.

Regarding their accessibility

These pastoral tools are accessible in five languages – one of them being English!

Evangelization has no borders and the Church, aware of this, has created this great resource that is accessible to all humanity. How marvelous!

All the answers to many questions

We have a group of engaged couples… Is there any material? We are a group of couples, and we would like to know about an apostolic exhortation… Do you understand it? We are a group of grandparents, all elderly, and we often look for topics, but… we always fall into the same trap. Do you have any tips we can get? A few days ago, we had a visit from an association that claims to be Catholic… Can this resource clarify this issue for me?

All these questions and many more have answers!

So let’s enjoy this miracle produced by our Church and available to everyone:

The booklet can be consulted in digital format (with links) and printable (with QR).

Pastoral Tools

Thank you, Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life!

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer @schoenstatt.org

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