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Casa Madre de Tupãrenda celebrates three years and countless stories of new life

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Wide-eyed and with a huge smile you hear: “Ojeabrí che korasõ” (my heart has opened). This was Ricardo’s* expression when he saw his mother, brother and nephews arrive for his graduation ceremony. How important it is in every stage of life to see and feel the closeness and accompaniment of one’s family in overcoming the obstacles of daily life. No matter how old one is, there is always a desire deep down in the soul to want, to need to be important to someone. “With human bonds I attracted you to me.”—

God uses people to give us his love and closeness. For a child, parents’ love reflect that unconditional love and closeness to eternity. This is a love that many of our participants have not experienced, and therefore, it’s almost impossible for them to believe that they can learn to trust that there is someone for whom they are important, who love and accept them as they are.

Living examples of the Shrine’s graces


Seeing them today radiating with joy and a big, bright, sincere smile of a contagious happiness that invades them, makes the heart beat with silent joy and fills the soul with peace at observing the growth process, the huge steps they have taken over the last 9 months and how brave they have been, that at such a young age, they have had to look at their past full of abuse, indifference, abandonment and yet look ahead and believe that a better life is possible. The life of each of the graduates can be equated with rising from the ashes and coming back to life…. Each of them is a miracle of inner transformation…. In each of them reside the three graces of the shrine where the Blessed Mother welcomes them upon arrival, transforms them over the nine months and now they are ready to be sent out to testify that social reintegration is possible and that we can stop repeating “things that have no solution and that it’s a waste of time to worry about them”.

Three years of a work of mercy in the shadow of the Shrine

For 3 years we have watched “empty, ill-treated bodies and wounded in body, soul and spirit” arrive at Casa Madre de Tupãrenda (CMT). And we watch them leave with glowing bodies where the wounds are healing slowly and where there is no doubt that the Blessed Mother and God the Father have acted so that it no longer hurts so badly.

A face of happiness that makes all the sacrifice worthwhile

Roberto*The families were thankful for all that Fr Pedro and CMT have done for their children, relieved that they have returned to the right path. It was Roberto’s* father’s birthday and he commented that his son’s graduation and seeing him looking so good was the best gift he could have received…the emotions ran so deep that he hugged his son and burst into tears, a moment that made many of those present also feel a lump in their throats.

Today was a day when we were once again able to touch grace, where the presence and closeness of eternal love was a reality, as was the gratitude of those into whom we put heart and soul daily to ensure that CMT keeps serving life.

Roberto* is the godson of one of the Bolivian families, who accompanied him with their prayers and donations, as part of their efforts to build their daughter shrine with concrete works.

Thank you to all the people here and across the ocean who made it possible for CMT’s doors to remain open. This is a month-to-month battle to ensure that the accounts are not in the red and we are doing this together with all of you. Today the group of families from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, can feel proud that Roberto* their godson, also graduated with their prayers and donations. An unforgettable contribution in building your daughter shrine.

The joy-filled face of another graduate, Ricardo* accompanied by members of the core team, is a gift without equal to have received the photograph via WhatsApp.

Casa Madre de Tupãrenda celebrated its third anniversary 3 on August 22 and is crowned with 2 new graduates on 26/08/2019.

Happy that in one way or another, we are part of this task in service of life.

*changed names


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Original: Spanish, 29 August. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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