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“Hope is rebuilt” in Ypané

PARAGUAY, Dequeni •

On 9 May, within the framework of “Rebuild Hope,” the Dequení foundation inaugurated a works of improvement of their “Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary” community center located in Ypané.

This center suffered serious cracks and separation in the roof and walls, because of deterioration and the continuous storms during last year. This is the third center that was reconditioned through this initiative.

Board members and Dequení Foundation personnel attended the ceremony, and they carried out the ribbon cutting; representatives of the Paraguayan Chamber of Real Estate Developers (Spanish acronym: CAPADEI), allied businesses and beneficiaries of the project accompanied them.

“In Dequení we believe that nothing is impossible, we know, that as always, the Blessed Mother accompanies us in everything, and we decided to begin this project,” Mariane Bauer said, Manager of the Businesses of Solidarity Foundation. “That is how we came to CAPADEI, those that said yes from the beginning and a lot of people in solidarity who made this possible,” she continued.

On his part, engineer Raúl Constantino, president of CAPADEI, commented on the interest to continue to help Dequení continue to fulfill dreams such as these. “A better Paraguay is not built only with works, but with education,” he affirmed.

The joy of having a worthy place for the children and community was reflected mainly in the committee’s mothers that participated actively in the reconstruction.  Manuel Peña, President of the Dequení Foundation, stressed the work of these women as the main pillar for the development of the center in the work with children.

Nearly 300 children and their families of limited resources attend this place daily, where services of early encouragement, scholastic reinforcement, and strengthening of the community organization are offered.

In solidarity with children

It is an initiative of solidarity of some youths from the Schoenstatt Movement who were not satisfied with the situation of children working in the street.

Dequení was born of Paraguayans’ heart of solidarity united by a common desire: to help the children and the families who live affected by the poverty in their communities.

Dequení takes its name from the biblical phrase of the Gospel: “Let the children come to me,” (Mk: 10:14). It began with an initiative of solidarity of some youths from the Schoenstatt Movement that were not satisfied with the situation of children working on the streets instead of going to school, and the only reason was the poverty of their families.

Dequení is a Paraguayan civil society organization with experience in programs for childhood promotion and protection. The foundation gathers the spirit of solidarity of many people, benefactors, businesses and organizations with the desire of helping children.


Do you want to be part of this solidarity?

Simply click here. Works with Paypal, Credit Card and,  only in Europe, Bank transfer. The form is in spanish, but self-explaining.

There are several options for solidarity on the institutional website:

Original: Spanish. 5 June 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

Dequeni: support education as a means to a safer and better country.

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