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With “Cobijo” I can do for Cubans what I can’t do for Cuba

SPAIN, Yany Lafuente Mata •

Dreams come true by the hand of God and under the protection of Our Lady, and Cobijo is a dream, a dream born from the desire to help those who come here to find new opportunities for a dignified and happy life. —

Cobijo Cristo Rey is our fourth reception center, a place we thought was very far away when we embarked on this journey with Father Bladimir, but the feeling of seeing another house ready to welcome and give a home to many Cubans was the same as when we began the project.

Cristo Rey is a haven of peace, not only for those who arrive here, but also for us. It has allowed us to continue to look at everything that is happening with loving eyes and to join forces, because none of this we could achieve alone.

“The Good Samaritans”

On Saturday, March 25, we inaugurated the new house. During this occasion, we had the joy of talking with all those who contribute day after day to make Cobijo a reality: the Good Samaritans. They understood that money is important to keep this project running, but they also give us their time to accompany us, teach us and be part of our daily lives.

The celebration could not have been more beautiful. The service celebrated by Father Bladimir was full of joy, laughter, and tears, because the testimonies of the people we have welcomed are always heartwarming, even if you have heard them before. Seeing what it has done in this short time, I can only thank God for the team we have formed and for my YES to Rev. Bladimir’s madness.Cobijo.


Cobijo is a little piece of Cuba

At the feast there was everything: Valencian paella, Cuban mojitos, sweets, but most of all laughter, conversation, hugs, family. Seeing so many Good Samaritans sharing, counseling and accompanying those we have taken in has made us feel that the path we are walking is a safe path.

For me, Cobijo is a little piece of Cuba, it allows me to do for others what I cannot do for Cuba that suffers daily, it makes me feel at home, and that is what we want to be for others: shelter, comfort, home.

All this would not be possible without the providence of God, who shows us in every moment what we need, and without his Mother Mary, who is always there to welcome us.


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Yany Lafuente Mata is the psychological director of the Cobijo project

Original: Spanish. Translation: Maria Fischer

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