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Covenant Solidarity– it works!

 PARAGUAY, Roberto Zárate Peña •

img_20160814_162713One of the main objectives of project Alianza Solidaria (Covenant Solidarity) is to support the health system of the Nivaclés (indigenous people) in Cacique Sapo, Misión Escalante, and San José communities. In Cacique Sapo, partnered with the German Embassy, we built a completely equipped medical dispensary. In Misión Escalante, 35km north, and close to the Argentinean border, we installed an air conditioner in the dispensary to make the doctor’s work more comfortable, since he resides there and he has to take care of three communities with approximately 2,000 residents.

On the last trip carried out in June with Fr. Pontes, we also installed a water pump for extracting water from a well so the dispensary would have this vital resource.

Ah…! I forgot a minor detail: the doctor soon will have a vehicle to use for travel between distant communities. Who acted? The Blessed Mother We received a donation of a 4×4 used and reconditioned truck that will be taken to Chaco, very soon, once the paper work is taken care of.

At Misión Escalante, we finished the process of drilling a well for drinking water, installed a transformer, meter, and water distribution system. Now the community has water that is 100% safe for human consumption and that will be used to fill the cutwaters (already built) and to implement tilapia farming. To this effect, some time ago, we took a professor from the Veterinary College, who is a specialist in this subject, to analyze this possibility. We are on the way…!

Tractor operator

We brought a 20-year-old young man with an excellent profile from Cacque Sapo to take an informative course as a tractor operator and mechanic in the SNPP [National Service of Professional Promotion]. He is already settled in Benjamín Aceval, where he will take the three-month course.

In Cacique Sapo, we already carried out a baking training session, and in Misíon Escalante there were four training sessions in: baking, basic electricity, plumbing and hairdressing.

A chocolate party, gifts, and sharing

Last week, ten men, who are members of Group 11 of the Family Branch, accompanied by Jhony Pereira, their leader, visited Cacique Sapo. Completely adopting the kind of tasks Alianza Solidaria carries out, they organized a chocolate party for 124 boys, and gave presents, and shared with them.  They also stayed in our comfortable house at the Gra. Díaz church grounds on the edge of the Rio Pilcomayo. Thank you for such a wonderful gesture!


Source:  Tupãrenda Magazine, Paraguay

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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