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“With great patience, she taught me to finally like sewing”

PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich and Maria Fischer •

“I truly want to thank Natividad, the instructor to whom I caused a great deal of trouble because I did not want to learn how to sew…”

Oh my! During that time at school, my handicrafts teacher was named Anneliese, but the rest of that phrase could be my testimony, only after several fruitless attempts at teaching me how to sew, and in breaking the second machine, she evaluated me as hopeless, “lack of trying and of talent.” The result, I was exempt.  However on 8 March, at Mother of Tupãrenda House, even this unwilling youth without talent proudly received his certificate in Industrial Garment Making.

He relates:

“Through her patience Instructor Natividad finally made me like to sew, and I made two dresses for my daughters. I am very grateful for having learned; today at my work, I asked permission to come and receive my certificate now that I am a Mother of Tupãrenda House graduate. I already finished my internship, and now I have a job that will permit me to economically support my two daughters in a dignified manner. I am grateful for what Mother of Tupãrenda did for me and my family.”

New hope for job opportunities

On Thursday, 8 March 2018, those at Mother of Tupãrenda House shared the joy of welcoming Mrs. Maria Victoria Diesel, Director of SINOFOCAL (National System of Education and Work Training of the Ministry of Work, Employment and Social Security of Paraguay), who presented the certificates for the training course in Garment Making.

The training was developed within the framework of the agreement between SINAFOCAL AND FUNDAPROVA in the socio-educational program of social re-insertion and personal development, in alliance with the Ministry of Justice. Thanks to this significant support, this course was very successful.



Opening of course in September 2017

People from neighboring towns were also trained in Garment Making along with youths from Mother of Tupãrenda House

The course of practical theory began in September of last year, and it lasted 145 hours, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. Natividad Morínigo was in charge of the course. Other members from the community participated along with youths from Mother of Tupãrenda House, which gave several people the opportunity to find decent work and simultaneously, to establish bonds among the neighbors and Mother of Tupãrenda House.

During those months, the participants learned to cut and construct different articles of clothing, choose types of fabric, styles, take measurements, make patterns, and adequately use the industrial machines, always within the standards of quality, productivity, and competitiveness.

SINAFOCAL carried out the delivery of equipment consisting of two mechanical ring machines, two over-lock machines, one embroidery machine, two circular fabric cutters, two electric steam irons for heavy fabrics, one steam pressing iron, two professional ironing boards, and material to make garments.

In addition to the Bakery and Gardening areas, there is already a significant number of graduates from Mother of Tupãrenda House, now another door is opened so that more people who formerly did not have the opportunity of improving their situations can get training, and then get a job or start their own business.



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Original: Spanish. 12 March 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

Is a second “Mother of Tupãrenda House” coming soon…?


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