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Groundbreaking for the Desired Bakery of House Mother of Tuparenda

PARAGUAY, Ricardo Acosta •

Today, December 12, 2019, feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of America, will be recorded as a memorable meeting at House Mother of Tuparenda (CMT), with the groundbreaking for the future bakery on the same property of Tuparenda. –

P. Pedro Kühlcke, Dr. José Marín

This desired project emerges as a response to the first step in achieving  micro-initiative  support which can respond to the needs of the program which came about at the present time in relationship to a labor project of the under-age graduates and also which can offer economic support for the maintenance of CMT.

The so desired bakery took a firm step in becoming a reality

It was predicted that the day would be hot and somewhat unstable, but at the main moment, the sun was radiant.  The groundbreaking and blessing of the future bakery took place around 9:30 A.M.

Present were the board members of Fundaprova, the participants and personnel of the program.

The president of Fundaprova, Dr. José Marín Massolo, gave a moving message: “This will be recorded in history, recorded in our souls.  CMT wants to always remain alive within your hearts and you should know that one can always return to the House of the Mother and  that if she cannot help you with what you need, she can at least give you a hug,” he concluded.

The details which the Mother of the House shows us today, on  this day in which the Virgin of Guadalupe is remembered (patroness of Latin America), are signs which she transcribes in our history, that she remains with us and wants to continue forming new men from this center.

Towards a more dignified life

2019 was a very fruitful year for us:  various graduates of the program, the agreement with the Ministry of Labor and the beginning of the future bakery.  It also leaves us persons who work with values for integral human development from their own experience.

Also, inclusion of labor for the personal development which forges, step by step, the composure of each participant toward a better life which extends into its own family surroundings.


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Original: Spanish, December 21, 2019. Translation: Carlos Cantú, Austin, Texas USA


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