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Civil Engineer, University Professor and ….” Unknown Schoenstatt Saint”

VATICAN, Roberto González •

In December,  we have received from Father Eduardo Aguirre the news from  the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints, that the process for beatification of Mario Hiriart, Schoenstatt Brother of Mary, has been viewed favorably by the theologians – who studied and rendered the decision – that Mario lived the Christian virtues heroically.  This was put into writing and signed this last December 8th.  His process now goes to the Assembly of Cardinals and Bishops – of the same Congregation – who must discuss if they forward the recommendation to the Holy Father in order to declare him “Venerable.”

Thus, if everything continues advancing positively like until now, and Mario is declared venerable, we enter the process of waiting for a miracle produced by his intercession in order to beatify him.

This news represents anew a confirmation on behalf of the Holy See in the incentive of the work and responsibility of the laity amidst the world and of those who decide to live the consecrated life.

Mario Hiriart (1931 – 1964), Chilean, civil engineer, member of the Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary, knew the beginnings of Schoenstatt in Chile, forming part of the first group of Boys’ Youth.  He stood out already from his college and university days because of his personality, his friendliness and his concern for those closest to him, his admiration for nature and simple sense of touch spirituality.  His health was always delicate.  Throughout his life he underwent various operations and due to cancer, he returned to the House of the Father a few days before his 33rd birthday.

For our Father and Founder, Mario embodied the male ideal, becoming the model to follow.  In his last days, when the end was near, he desired to be a saint, to be that “Living Chalice,” but being “The unknown Schoenstatt Saint.”

This is an invitation to know more about his life and his lay mission amidst the world as a civil engineer, university professor and consecrated person.

At the same time, the process of Mario Hiriart and those of the other Schoenstatters are life examples of the “Spiritual Children” of Father Joseph Kentenich.  In this way, they are those whom we find preparing the way for the day in which the process of the founder of Schoenstatt will be presented.

Original Spanish, December 21, 2019.  Translation:  Carlos Cantú, Austin, Texas USA

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