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Month of May, three new graduates at House Mother of Tupãrenda

PARAGUAY, Ricardo Acosta •

The month of May has given us the first gifts of the year 2022. Last Friday the 13th, three new graduates joined the more than 50 graduates of FUNDAPROVA’s House Mother of Tupãrenda program. The event took place in the occasion of the awarding of the certificates of the program and of the Horticulture and Bakery courses of Sinafocal, in the presence of the authorities of both institutions. —

This emotional act was accompanied by family, friends and loved ones of the new graduates.

graduados mayo 2022

The audacity

The inspirational message of the meeting revolved around the audacity of a group of young people who gambled for freedom in the birth of a nation. In the year 1811 these brave heroes defied the Spanish monarchy and shouted the independence of Paraguay, which on May 14 and 15 of this year celebrates 211 years of emancipation.

“These graduates are becoming autonomous in many aspects, including the economic”, remarked Alfredo Mongelos, technical secretary of Sinafocal.

The best birthday present

Father Pedro Kühlcke, in his speech, recalled that when the graduation date was set, he thought it would be “the best birthday present for him”, since on May 14 he was celebrating one more birthday. At the same ceremony, the participants of the program presented him with a small picture with a drawing of a tree, designed with small pieces of wood, representing the tree of life that is created with the great mentor and promoter of the House of the Mother of Tupãrenda, dear Father Pedro.

graduados mayo 2022

Working together to strengthen reintegration

The joy they expressed in their testimonies is inspiring for those who find it more difficult to strengthen their will in the process. They proudly talked about their work experiences, the three of them are already working as bakery assistants in three different supermarkets, three companies that said yes to strengthen this process, giving them the opportunity to have work experience and all its implications. Without this support from private entities, the program would not fully achieve its objective of reintegration.

Each life that is secured in this process means the rescue of a life in the face of many temptations, constant struggles for a better life, without drugs, without delinquency and looking for a decent home for the family. It is also the result of the hard work of many people who give their bit, in time, in material donations, in their tireless prayers, all aiming towards the same goal, to provide opportunities for 20 teenagers and young people with the will to change their lives.

graduados mayo 2022

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Original: Spanish 2022-05-18. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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