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Ecuador in solidarity with the victims of the floods

ECUADOR, Giannina Ponce •

After the flood disaster, our hearts, saddened by the tragedy, rejoiced to see the solidarity of all people of Quito. Everyone, rich and poor united with a single objective: to help La Comuna and La Gasca, some with shovels and work, others collecting donations or lending their vans to move all the donations to La Comuna. —

What a joy, in the midst of pain, to see how united we all are more. When God is in our midst there are no differences, and we must learn that.

All the people, institutions, universities turned to help those most in need. Collaboration came from everywhere, so much so that the facilities of “Niños de María” looked like a war zone with police, military, volunteers, donors. That is why we want to thank all the people who trust in the Niños de María Project and have sent us their donations so that we can help the victims of this natural catastrophe.

None of this could happen without your help and collaboration! We are proud to be able to reach the disaster area since we have our hands full to share thanks to all your donations and help.

God has blessed Ecuador with such caring people: therein lies our true wealth!

For monetary and in-kind donations in Quito, see below.

For monetary donations from outside:  

Aluvión Quito


La Comuna

Original: Spanish, 06.02.2022. Translation: Maria Fischer

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