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Ricardo prepares for First Grade

PARAGUAY, Dequení •

Classes have begun in Paraguay, and despite damage caused by rain, storms and flooding from the past several months at three of Dequení’s community centers, thousands of children can return to school or start school, thanks to the scholarships of solidarity that businesses and generous people in Paraguay and abroad have undertaken.

In this article, we are happy to share Ricardo’s story. This little boy, who captivated us with his tenderness and warmth, is preparing to go to First Grade; he is enthusiastic about studying with the support of benefactors, sponsors, and through the Campaign of “Education Scholarships.”


Happy beginning of classes!

On Ricardo’s behalf: thank you

Last year we asked Ricardo what he had learned at school. He happily responded: “I already know how to write my name.” His pre-school teacher smiled and added: “Ricardo learned a lot, he knows how to share his opinion, to say if he likes something or not, he knows the alphabet, colors and numbers.”

At the beginning of 2015, Ypané’s San Pedro School, where Ricardo attends, received materials and educational toys that made it easier for the teacher to develop activities for the classroom. This support is part of the Education Scholarships.

Having a group of forty children, the materials have been of a great help for her during the year.

“The games that they brought us are very important: children learn by playing. Through stories we work on reading comprehension.”

Dequení collaborates with works and contributions such as these to guarantee the insertion, remaining in school and grade promotion.

Thank you to everyone who makes stories like Ricardo’s possible. True stories that transform reality!


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