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“The Youth Center has been growing a lot year by year”


The Youth Center made a big bet in 2021 to grow in number of students who are participating in the space, as well as in the general proposal so that it will be of an increasingly higher quality. “The Youth Center has been growing a lot year by year”, highlighted Florencia Cruces, coordinator of the program. This educational program seeks to accompany the students in discovering themselves, discovering themselves with others, growing, developing and dreaming about who they want to be. —

In 2021 the Youth Center planned its objectives and actions based on the Educational Map of Learning Paths (META) of Providencia. This allowed us to work taking into account the skills that we seek to work with the teenagers.

In this direction, workshops were conducted with a recreational approach and others more reflective, in which the interests of the children and their current life were taken into account. As a result, the following workshops were created: Sharing Life, Recreation and Sports, Cooking, Sexuality, Vegetable Gardening and Theater. Playful spaces were also included and a study space operated on a daily basis, accompanied by teachers and educators.

A meeting place

“They find in the youth center a space to meet and enjoy themselves,” said Florencia. And she added, “A very nice and united group was created”.

The non-attendance brought some challenges in terms of the students’ motivation and academic achievements, which implied “working together with the families in accompanying the children,” emphasized Florencia. “Working together is what allows the youngsters to feel accompanied and that in the moments when there is a lack of motivation, which happens because high school is really difficult, that support from home and from Providencia is what helps the child to get back on his feet,” she said.

It has been a year of great challenges for the Youth Center and the young people, but also of growth at all levels. We continue building educational opportunities and accompanying the children so that they can discover their potential and talents.

The Youth Center

In 2005, the Youth Center began to operate as an educational space created to give continuity to the Children’s Club once the students graduated from it.

At an age that is very sensitive to changes and has its own challenges, teenagers join the Youth Center, which provides them with a space of reference and participation, seeking to accompany the growth and enhance the capabilities of young people, working to ensure the educational continuity of young people in relation to a personal life project. This implies a proposal of coexistence and enjoyment, support in the educational transition and care. In which common spaces are generated to interact, to be supportive, all this in an educational climate that encourages them to be autonomous and to have a healthy self-esteem.

Currently, 60 adolescents who attend high school and UTU (University of Work of Uruguay) in the area participate in the program. They attend a space for pedagogical support and various workshops whose objective is to develop their potential based on their interests and motivations.


Original: Spanish 2022-01-23. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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