Casa del Niño Florencio Varela

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The Pilgrim Mother to the families of Casa del Niño

ARGENTINA, Gabriela Sarquis •

On Monday, June 5th, at the Casa del Niño Father Joseph Kentenich, we sent out the Pilgrim MTA’s that will visit the homes of the families of the children in Florencio Varela, who attend the House and also the management staff, counselors, kitchen and cleaning staff. —

What a network of bonds the great Missionary is creating among so many people who, from their gifts and tasks, unite in the effort to give an opportunity to 300 children from low-income families. The parents, the volunteers of the Board of Directors, the counselors who work day by day in the House, the people who cook and clean with so much affection… She visits them and their families.

Casa del Niño Florencio Varela

Missionaries’ sending forth with the Pilgrim MTA from the wayside shrine of the Casa del Niño | Photo: Gabriela Sarquis

Send forth from the wayside shrine

With great joy we gathered around the wayside shrine of the Blessed Mother, which is in the patio of the House, and we prayed the sending forth prayer and we consecrated ourselves all together to the Blessed Mother.

We know that the Blessed Mother will enter these homes that need her so much and she will give them the graces of the Shrine. She will protect, transform and send us so that many may reach peace and joy.

The missionaries know that they will help with their prayer and life in the mission of transforming the families and people entrusted to them.

Casa del Niño Florencio Varela

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Original: Spanish 2023-06-11. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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