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In Covenant Solidarity with the Victims of Hurricane Matthew in the Carribean


Over 850 dead in Haiti, eight in the Dominican Republic – the damage done by Hurricane Matthew cannot be measured as yet. Many places cannot be reached, because bridges have collapsed, landslides closed roads, and floods cut them off from the outside world. An initial assessment reckons with the destruction of twenty thousand homes. All this has happened to a country that hasn’t fully recovered from the severe earthquake of 2010 and is the poorest country of the American continent. Parts of eastern Cuba have been hit equally hard, above all the province of Guantanamo. Baracoa, the oldest town on the island, which was founded 505 years ago, has been the worst hit and cannot be reached by land. The first photos show totally despairing people surrounded by ruins. The town has been completely destroyed. Three other places find themselves in a similar situation: San Antonio del Sur, Imias and Maisi.

Footage from the destruction in Maisí

Maisí … my parish. It must be totally destroyed

Maisí – you can find a tag “Maisí” on The parish of Fr Rolando Montes, a member of the Schoenstatt Priests’ Federation, who is at present studying in Rome, and who asked for prayers a few days ago for the island as the Hurricane approached.

“Maisí – my parish! It is still without contact to the outside world and still without help. It must be completely destroyed. Barbacoa, a neighbouring town and with far better buildings, was not so badly hit by the hurricane, but it is completely destroyed. I have seen photos. It must be worse in Maisi.” When Fr Rolando was asked by his bishop to leave for Rome, he left behind his Pilgrim Mother picture. “The people she visits need her.” They need her even more, much more.  “Can we do anything to help the people somehow?” That was my question during a brief conversation via Watsapp this morning. It was a spontaneous response to our covenant solidarity. It became especially urgent now that I know that it is not just Cuba, but specifically his parish, that needs practical help. Our spontaneous answer was “Pray”.

Then, very humbly, “I have a possibility to send money. If anyone wanted to donate, I know a way.”

This is an hour calling for our covenant solidarity, the most beautiful side of Schoenstatt.

img_0026Fr. Rolando Montes, from Cuba

Please donate here for the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Maisí:

or via this Link

or via Bank Transfer:

Schoenstatt-Priesterwerk e.V.

IBAN DE49 4006 0265 0003 3849 00


Reason for Transfer: Cuba Maisi

The Video shows the impact of Hurricane Matthew in Cuba

Photos of the impact of Hurricane Matthew in Cuba can be seen in these photos

Donations for Haiti can be sent via the well-known organisations, for example, Caritas International.

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