Casa del Niño

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With the little ones from Casa del Niño to the Shrine

ARGENTINA, Gabriela Sarquis •

On Tuesday, October 18, we went on pilgrimage with the children of Casa del Niño P. José Kentenich to the Shrine of Sion del Padre, in Florencio Varela. They arrived singing “Mary is passing by, Mary is passing by, and when she passes by everything is transformed, joy comes, sadness goes.” —

Casa del Niño

Upon arriving at the Shrine, the children told us that they felt the embrace of the Blessed Mother, which allowed us to tell them that She gives us the grace of shelter. We also explained that in the shrine the Blessed Mother gives us her heart, that she will help us to be a better person every day, little by little , and that she will send us to tell other children about Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

The little ones were quiet and listen to the breeze from the trees surrounding the shrine, while each one prayed in silence.

When they left, already in the park of Sion, the children drew pictures and gave them to the Blessed Mother.

As in the song with which they arrived, when Mary passes through the lives of these children, “everything is transformed, joy comes, sadness goes”. There was nothing lacking to say, as on Tabor, “it is good for us to be here”.

Casa del Niño

The Mission

The Casa del Niño P. José Kentenich is a day home that lovingly shelters almost 300 children between the ages of 3 and 13. We want them to grow up in a healthy environment, full of love, trust and, above all, hope. The children learn noble values so that they can later find their way in life in a healthy way, away from the dangers of the street.


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Bank Account in Argentina

Name: Casa del Nino Padre José Kentenich
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Bank: Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

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Name: Schoenstatt-Patres International
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Casa del Niño

Original: Spanish 2022-10-23. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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