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JJMJ Lisboa 2023
WYD LISBON 2023, Stefanie Rottler • In Lisbon there are only two directions: Up or down. Whoever wandered through the charming alleys of Lisbon from August 1 to 7, 2023, may have encountered us, a group of 150 young people from the Schoenstatt Movement from Germany, Austria and Australia. — The big international Schoenstatt festival at the chapel in Lisbon was our impressive opening event, where the Portuguese Schoenstatt family spared no expense or effort in giving us a colorful welcome to the vibrant city. From there we went toRead More
AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl • October 30, 2022, a day of joy for the Austrian Schoenstatt Movement. The Schoenstatt shrine on the Kahlenberg (Vienna) turned 40 years old, that alone would be reason enough for a celebration, but there was something much bigger to celebrate. The new Schoenstatt Center has become a modern educational house, and the Schoenstatt Movement can now move into it. — In the last days and nights a lot of hard work was done, many things that seemed impossible became possible. More than 350 Schoenstatters from allRead More

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Hearing damage

Martin Schiffl, Austria • Thank you for the article “Shema, Israel – Hear Oh Israel, Listen, Schoenstatt and Schoenstatter”. I am especially happy about Pope Francis’ statement: The most important work of pastoral ministry is the “apostolate of the ear.” — Particularly last year, I have noticed the increasing importance of hearing, of truly listening. Here in Austria there is a big gap between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. People are increasingly talking about a division in society. And from so much arguing, people overlook that the real problem isRead More
AUSTRIA, P. Elmar Busse • “I can’t get no disinfection!” The malapropism of the Rolling Stones’ song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (the single with “I can’t get no satisfaction” became the Rolling Stones’ first number 1 chart success in the United States in 1965) did not apply in Rojach-Hof in Carinthia, where a family congress took place from July 25 to August 1 despite Corona. — Dispenser bottles with the corresponding information boards were placed in front of the toilets anyway, but also in front of theRead More
AUSTRIA/BRAZIL, Martin Schiffl via • The founder of the Academy for Family Pedagogy in Brazil, the Brazilian Schoenstatt Father, Zé Fernando Bonini, reported during  a visit to Vienna about his experiences over eleven years with the Family Academy. — In 2008/9 he took part in the Eighth Course in Graz. At the time he was parish priest in Frankfurt. He had used his stay in Germany for further training in working with families. More has come of this than he had imagined, and he reported impressively on this toRead More
WYD2019, COSTA RICA, Maria Fischer • 25 chalices for the hosts, but they are actually trophies that have been transformed into something sacred by skillful hands. 300 Sandwiches. I don’t know how many cups of coffee, tea, juice, and I have lost count of the bowls of salad. Thousands of calls to airports, tourism agencies, buses, Uber.Hundreds of moments of listening, laughing, praying, cleaning bathrooms and tables. The Costa Rican family surpassed themselvees in welcoming the young people who have come to the shrine. And they were still arriving onRead More
AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl via• The success story of the Schoenstatt Family Magazine “Family as a Vocation” began in 1984 and this magazine enters its 6th generation in 2019. The start of the new era took place on January 6, 2019 in Schoenstatt am Kahlenberg. The managers of the 5th generation, Lisi and Stefan Haslinger, handed over the leadership to Claudia and Klaus Umschaden, who will continue the success story of this medium in the next 4 years. With a circulation of 6300 copies, the family magazine, now affectionately calledRead More

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Five times yes

AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl • “I have a dream”. This is a well-known phrase from Martin Luther King’s historic speech. “We have a dream” could be the motto of the five young men, aged between 18-27, who gave their “Yes” on the morning of 18 August. — Like Martin Luther King, they not only dream of a better world; but also to build it with their strength and talents. They want to build a new society, a holy city, guided by Fr. Kentenich’s hand and united to the Covenant of LoveRead More
AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl • In order to maintain a high quality for the Austrian Family Weeks (family plus holidays), the speakers meet annually for a multi-day workshop in Schoenstatt at Kahlenberg on the outskirts of Vienna. — This year’s workshop subjects were: How to discern our own longings and challenges How to stay in the Schoenstatt life-stream The spiritual atmosphere during the family weeks Training in Fr. Kentenich’s rhetoric What moves the participants during Family Weeks? Schoenstatt Family Plus Holidays have been the Austrian Schoenstatt Movement’s “core business” for decades.Read More
AUSTRIA, Lucia Reinsperger • One Austrian was among the five novices receiving the dress at Schoenstatt on March 18, 2018. Maria Mauhart had long since outgrown her role as the “course baby” from the Family Academy. She had been active among the Schoenstatt Youth group, and then she heard God’s call during World Youth Day the summer of 2016. After twenty-five years, another Austrian was committing herself to becoming a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary. A bus full of well-wishers from the Austrian Schoenstatt Family arrived for the clothing ceremony.— ARead More