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Interview with Manuela Baumgartner, winner of the “2016 Prize of Austria’s Religious Communities” award. She is paediatric consultant for children and adolescents, and member of the international leadership of the Schoenstatt Family Federation • It almost got lost in the Christmas rush, yet this news is really Christmassy. For the third time the Austrian communities for men and women religious have awarded the “Prize of Austria’s Religious Communities” for “achievements at the interface between religious communities and society”. During the Day for religious communities in the Cardinal Koenig House inRead More
TENERIFE/AUSTRIA, María Dolores Fernández Lapuente • María Dolores Fernández Lapuente is an Argentinean physician, currently living in Austria, who previously lived in Tenerife, Spain, where at that time, a wayside shrine of our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt was blessed.  The name of the shrine is “Desciende María” [“Mary, descend”] located in Bajamar and found on the shrines and wayside shrines’ map. In addition to the wayside shrine, the Pilgrim Mother is also already traveling in Tenerife. The first Tenerife Pilgrim Mother on pilgrimage Dolores relates:  The first Pilgrim MotherRead More
GERMANY, from Martin Schiffl • The communications lecturers of the Academy for Family Pedagogy met last weekend in Memholz. This was the summer meeting, which has meanwhile become a tradition, and has been taking place for fifteen years. What began as a small group with representatives from Germany and Austria has grown to become an international meeting with communications lecturers from Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain, Hungary, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Although it was not possible for everyone to be there, it was nevertheless a large, multi-language groupRead More
LITHUANIA, Hilde and Herbert Fellhofer • At the end of January, eight couples began participating in the third course of the Kentenich Academy for Family Pedagogy. The Academy for Family Pedagogy was introduced in Lithuania in 2009, during a family camp; the rest is the work of the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit. Eva and Erich Berger began the first course in 2010, with several couples from Austria as speakers. The course ended in 2012 with ten couples from Lithuania. The second course – Lithuanian families developed 90% ofRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer • The coincidence is powerful: A few hours earlier the news was broadcast through the media that the route through the Balkans had been closed, the borders had been sealed, and refugees were standing in the open in the rain and cold. A few days previously Pope Francis had said at “America’s Lampedusa”, the deadly fence separating Mexico and the USA, “We cannot deny the humanitarian crisis which in recent years has meant migration for thousands of people, whether by train or highway or on foot,Read More
AUSTRIA, by Susi Mitter • Bishop Wilhelm Krautwaschl (*5 March 1963 at Gleisdorf, Styria, Austria), member of the Focolare Movement, has been the bishop of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau since April 2015. He learned about the Schoenstatt Movement in the Styria province. He was present at a Schoenstatt gathering that the Schoenstatt Family organized on 8 December 2014 at the Graz Episcopal Seminary, since he was the rector of the seminary at that time. On this occasion, leaders of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau Family Branch: Alenka and Ernst Körbler, KarinRead More
AUSTRIA, Viena, by Tita Andras • It was exactly a week ago that I was on the return trip from Memhölz to Vienna having just participated in the first international gathering at Schoenstatt’s auf’m Berg Schoenstatt Center about Belmonte with a Schoenstatt group. What did this group have in common? Simply those present had hearts on fire for Belmonte, for the Center and for the Shrine of all of us. I had met some of the participants, Norbert and Gertrud Jehle, Albert and Alisia Bush and also Carmen and JürgenRead More
AUSTRIA, from Susanne Leibrecht via • One of the most current and visible signs of our times is without doubt the huge stream of refugees entering Europe. For Dr Stefan Keznickl, a Schoenstatter and former asylum adjudicator – it was the direct occasion to organise an evening at the Schoenstatt Centre, Kahlenberg, Vienna, on 15 October 2015 on the subject “People fleeing – what can we do?” It is a matter close to this lawyer’s heart to pass on facts and inspirations on this subject. He is convinced thatRead More
AUSTRIA, by Karolin Schwaiger • In the history of the Schoenstatt Family of Upper Austria, the “Gathering Celebration” is already a tradition. This year it was celebrated jointly with Königswiesen parish. The event began with Holy Mass, and Chaplain Fr. Samuel celebrated in a very lively manner. To be happy as a family After the Holy Mass, the Stadlobers from Fohnsdorf, province of Styria, gave a talk at the “Karlingerhaus” center on the topic: Less = More – be happy as a family. The sharing of many examples from life,Read More
AUSTRIA, Ingrid and Alois Neuhauser • The opening of the first Austrian Marriage Camino took place at Obritzberg, St Poelten Diocese, on 28 June. About four hundred people, among them families from the neighbouring dioceses of Vienna, Linz, Graz and even Hungary and the Czech Republic, came to share in a joyful celebration of marriage and the family. After the family Mass, prepared by the Schoenstatt families, nourishment for body and soul was served in the parish courtyard. The children enjoyed themselves with games in the parish garden. Special highlightsRead More