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ARGENTINA, Estela Rodríguez • On 8 November, I read an article about our beloved “Talita Kum” Youth Missions on this website. I am from Corrientes, a beautiful province in northeastern Argentina, very close to the end of the world (as Pope Francis expressed). It is a place that loves Mary in spirit and soul. I want to share my testimony with you about the blessings we received at that mission in Caá Catí, 126 km from my city. Truly Divine Providence was very greatly at work. A year ago, aRead More
SPAIN/CUBA, Mónica and José Delgado-Iribarren • Mission Cuba as a family! In July, the entire family departed for Santa Cruz del Sur, a coastal city in southern Cuba. During Jubilee 2014, we met Fr. Bladimir, the pastor, who encouraged two families to go there during the summer.  During the same time, eight young professionals with a great missionary vocation prepared their trip to the same parish. On 1 August, all of us were there together. We have four children ages 12-19. When we finally finalized our trip and we boughtRead More
ARGENTINA, Ramón Sánchez Soloaga • On 29 October to 1 November, the Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement youths from Corrientes carried out the second consecutive “Talita Kum” Schoenstatt University Missions, in the area of Caá Cati, Province of Corrientes with the motto “Mary’s servants, trusting in your Mercy.” With the objective of traveling the streets of the town as instruments of Mary, more than fifty youths acted as her feet by taking her to those places where the heart guided them, visiting the elderly, children, the ill and sharing her with theRead More
URUGUAY, via schoenstatt.org.uy, Testimony of Josefina, a Missionary of Totus Tuus 2016 • I am Josefina; last year, I had the good fortune to experience the first “Totus Tuus” mission in Uruguay. This year, I was part of a small group within the organization. I remember the day that the Whatsapp group of the 2015 missionaries posted the second Totus Tuus was coming, and with it, we began the new organization. Stunned. I never believed that I would be able to help to organize a mission. I stumbled into theRead More

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Family Missions in Italy

ITALY – Fr. Alfredo Pereira • The art of ringing the bells, knocking on doors, the Pilgrim Mother traveling throughout town, community life, liturgies with the town people, people’s welcome, and sharing… A challenge of our times When there are so many questions about the family in different genres: anthropological, social, political, and above all religious, God calls some couples so that their marital love will also be missionary– a love that spreads outside their home.  Fr. Kentenich, founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, encouraged families previously during the ‘60’s notRead More
BRAZIL, via Jumasbrasil.com.br • Schoenstatt reaching out, doors of mercy: this was the motto that gave ninety-three missionaries from the Schoenstatt Youth the motivation to give up a week of vacation, work and the cares of the world, to dedicate themselves entirely to taking the Word of God, his love and his mercy to the people of Braganca Paulista, San Pablo. The Tabor Youth Missions 2016 took place 16-23 July in the neighborhoods of Aguas Claras, Vem Viver and Enedina Cortez. The youths divided into three missionary communities, and theyRead More

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Missions of joy

PARAGUAY, Fabián Daniel López Cuevas • I remember that Pope Francis once said: “Do not be men and women of sadness: a Christian can never be sad! Never give way to discouragement! Ours is not a joy born of having many possessions, but from having encountered a Person: Jesus, in our midst; it is born from knowing that with him we are never alone, even at difficult moments…” (March 24, 2013). I found this kind of joy in Christians in these missions. I like to call the Ciudad del EsteRead More
MEXICO, by Brenda López Garza • With the desire to work for the ideal to be and to form loyal, firm and joyful families, a long held dream became a reality: to carry out the first Schoenstatt Family Mission in Monterrey. With trust in God and with the support of the contributions deposited in the capital of grace, a group of fifty missionaries, composed of six Schoenstatt Families in Monterrey, boys and girls from the Boys’ and Girls’ Youth, and Fr. Gonzalo Castro carried out the mission in the LaRead More
ECUADOR, by Fabián Eguiguren and Juan Carlos Terán J. • The Quito Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement has worked for three years in Jama – Manabí with their parish priest, Fr. Leonel Zapata, through the apostolate of the Family Missions. Their work is to visit towns and parish families, always in coordination with Fr. Leonel, supporting the parish priest and the catechist’s work of catechesis and collaborating with the training talks for the children and youths of the parish. The earthquake 16 April had a devastating effect in Jama, materially as wellRead More
ARGENTINA, by AICA (Catholic News Agency of Argentina) • The Schoenstatt Family from the Diocese of Resistencia experienced a second year of the first cycle of Family Missions in the Chaco region of Las Garcitas, on 19-24 July 2016. Fr. Martín Gómez, the adviser of the Family from Resistencia, participated; a seminarian from India accompanied him. Six couples with children, seventy-five teens and youths from different parts of the country (La Plata, Ituzaingó, Paraná) went.  They set aside their vacations and comforts to share their faith and devotion for theRead More