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By Gilbert Sanabria Ravinovich • My name is Gilbert Sanabria, I am 26 years old, I am a missionary of the Catholic University Missions, and I am a member of the Vincentian Marian Youth.  I would like to share about the Blessed Mother’s call in my life. In the year 2014, my family and I experienced many trials.  My father was gravely ill, and as always, we only remembered God in difficult moments.  We began to implore his help with prayer chains to Mary under the title of Mystical Rose.Read More
PARAGUAY, Family Missions 2016, Rodolfo Melgarejo • “The Lord went out to sow, and in the heart of America, he found fertile land…” are the lyrics of a song, and today the Lord once again went out to sow in Paraguay.  Ten towns, with more than a thousand people, mad for Christ. Yes crazy, as we left comforts such as sleeping in a bed, bathing with warm water and there were days we had no water. During this truly cold winter, it rained, but this was nothing if we placeRead More
PARAGUAY, Family Missions 2016, by Roberto Galeano Monti • Sunday, July 1-7, 2016– Our Lady of Victory Parish, Villa Hayes 9:40 a.m. – Blessing of a wayside shrine near the street in honor of Schoenstatt’s MTA closing the cycle of Family Missions. The church is on the other side. A group of youths set up a rosary made of balloons filled with helium in the midst of the people. 9: 44 a.m. – The youths launched the balloon rosary into the air. Everyone expected to watch how it rose toRead More
SPAIN/CUBA, via Madrid’s Schoenstatt Movement Bulletin • During the 2015 summer, Spain’s University Girls’ Youth had a missionary experience, “Mission Cuba” at Fr. Bladimir’s parish. Fr. Bladimir is a member of the Schoenstatt Federation of Priests, in Santa Cruz del Sur, Cuba. The second Mission Cuba will take place during this summer. This time two couples from the Family Federation each with their four children and eight professional young people will work with Boys’ and Girls’ Youth at the same parish. Fr. Bladimir indicated ways to help the work thatRead More

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Sanctuarium Vivum Mission

BRAZIL, www.jumasbrasil.com.br • The southern region of the Schoenstatt Boys Youth (Jumas) came together on 20-24 May in São Miguel das Missões/RS for the second edition of their Sanctuarium Vivum Missions.  Together with the Girls’ Youth (Jufem), they tried to live out their motto: “Sent by Mary, Heroic Face of Mercy” in harmony with the life of the Church in this Holy Year of Mercy, heroically becoming the merciful face of Christ to the people who would receive us. After holding a pre-mission meeting at the Tupancyrendá Shrine in Ângelo/RS,Read More
Paraguay, Catholic University Missions (MUC), by Gilbert Sanabria Ravinovich • This year I said yes to a mission during Holy Week and decided to leave everything to go to a place far from the city. I was going to a place without comforts and fewer luxuries, but I went with the great joy of being a bearer of Christ’s love. I did not know where I was going, but I was sure that this was the place to make many people happy by giving them a hug, a smile, orRead More
PARAGUAY, Catholic University Missions (MUC) 2016, by Melanie Wenger • This year during Holy Week for the last time, I returned to a town very far from home called Buena Vista. Buena Vista does not have luxuries; it is not full of automobiles or people walking hurriedly, there are no businesses on every corner, and you do not hear the honking of those going to work. There are no city comforts; you do not see large crowds of people on the move. It might be said it is a townRead More
MÉXICO, by Cristel Amellaly González Galavis, Girls’ Youth from Monclova, Coah. México • You do not realize how much you want, or how much you love something until you experience it in every part of your being. It is like most things when you become interested in a person or a new activity. First you arrive at something completely unknown, then you try to learn something and the deeper you get, the smaller you feel before the magnitude of what it is, and consequently, you become more interested. That happenedRead More
SPAIN, by Javier Díaz-Laviada• Captained by the Blessed Mother, ninety Schoenstatt missionaries embarked on the family missions to San Miguel Parish, at Peñarroya, Pueblo Nuevo for the second year. Fr. Manuel, the pastor, and all his people, welcomed them again with the best that they had: their smiles, their simplicity, their hospitality and affection. They celebrated the days of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection with them through workshops for people of all ages that were well attended. In solidarity, they accompanied the parishioners in their processions with the Christ of GoodRead More
PARAGUAY, CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY MISSIONS, by Fabiana Galeano Bogado • If you have felt Christ’s love throughout your life, do not keep it to yourself; you have to give it away! The first time I went on MUC [Catholic University Missions] and I personally considered this “madness of love” experience. In reality, there are no words or numbers to express what we experienced during Holy Week 2016. It was a series of endless, great, and wonderful moments, where one encounters God ‘s infinite love in every detail, in every look, inRead More